Web hosting industry is considered to be one of the most crowded and saturated ones out there. Finding new clients is becoming more and more of a challenge every day.

Fortunately, there is still one outlet that web hosts can turn to for growing their business - whatever their advertising budget is - Pay Per Click search engines.

Over the past five years, search engines such as Yahoo and Google have been responsible for driving affordable, high-quality prospects to web hosting companies around the world.

While many feel that there is no more room for a web host to advertise through PPC due to high bid prices and fierce competition, it's quite the opposite.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Handbook is the first book dedicated to PPC advertising. It's a 200 page paperback that covers everything PPC-related from the basics to advanced topics, such as click fraud, contextual advertising, localized search, and so on.

It's written by Boris and Eugene Mordkovich, both of which had over 12 years of combined experience in the web hosting industry and have even founded one of the most successful advertising outlets for web hosts - HostVoice.com.

For more information and/or to order the book, please go to www.PPCBook.info

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