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    Wanted - Programmer. PHP etc..


    Im looking for a programmer whose able to code in PHP and other languages as well (other languages not exactly needed)

    I will be needing a programmer on alot of projects that will be coming up. Im not looking for a company. Im looking for only one person.

    Please Reply or send PM with the following:

    Years Of Experience:
    Past work:
    Price Range:

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    Name: Robert Maltby
    Age: 18
    Years Of Experience: 7years IRC Scripting; 2 years of MYSQL and JAVA (I have a 2 Year Degree for this); 2 Years of PHP
    Pastwork: Game Control Panel to install Game Servers From the Web
    Price Range: Depends on How much I put into the Project. (Its not much)

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    Thanks. I've received your PM as well as others. However, Im still looking for more. Even though some of the ones I have received are good.

    I will be continuing this search for a couple of days.

    Money is the root of all evil. So if you don't want to go crazy, give it all to me

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    Name: Michael Geise

    Age: 20

    Years Of Experience: PHP/MySQL: 4-5 Years. A little bit of C, C++, PERL and ASP.NET experience.

    Past work: Many (PM for Past Work)

    Price Range: Depends on Project

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    PM Sent.

    *Note* - No more PMS will be sent out. Please post or send what I requested if you are interested.
    Money is the root of all evil. So if you don't want to go crazy, give it all to me

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    Name: vark
    Age: 3?
    Years Of Experience:15(sys admin[linux,freebsd,solaris,windows]/programming[php,perl,vb,vba,C++,sh,awk,java.....]/dba[oracle, mysql])
    Past work: data migration, application programming, sys admin, dba, security
    Price Range: based on project.

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    My name is Dusko

    I am a web developer/designer from Montenegro (Europe) with nearly 4 years of experience, seeking job engagement.

    PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, design, sound editing, audio/video optimization

    Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Captivate, CoolEdit, Premiere, InDesignů

    If you need a hard working man with these skills, please contact me at duskom[@] to send you my CV with reference work.

    I am available for full time telecommute job with fixed salary or per project engagement paid per hour/project.

    I am 31
    Past work: Complex Content management systems, Blog application and e-commerce integration
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    Name: Matt
    Age: 24
    Years Of Experience: 6
    Past work: community sites, gaming sites, rpg-games, corporate sites, custom classes and class trees, different OOP methods, design and interface, manuals, debugging, security analysis, script implmentation and integration, installations, server management (ask me if you need more past work)
    Price Range: $65/hr

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    Going on 1 year...

    Why and When??

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    Name: Joshua (or Rene [my middle name])
    Age: 22
    Skills/Yrs of Experience: PHP (been programming since PHP 2), C/C++/C#, BASH, Java (4 years), Python (2+ years), Perl (6 years), Ruby (1 year), many many others
    Price Range: 10-20 / hr depending upon project (Also I can give a flat right for the project if I have further details)
    contact info: crystalstreaminc [at]

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