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    End User Support

    Hello, I am a reseller and my current host has horrible support and I am looking to move my clients to a new host. I am wondering if you guys recommend anonymous end user support. The reason I ask is because every time my clients email me for support, I don't know the answer because I am not there with the server. It seems more efficient and faster for my clients if there is a direct link between them and the technicians who actually run the server. Thoughts? Thanks so much, I appreciate the help.

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    one of them which is not too bad is...

    try them out... they seems to have kinda good support, but I don't think they are cheap tho.
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    I am with varhosting since feb. They offer end user support in their power reseller account. They do offer 60 days money back guarantee which they will honour I believe.

    Try them out. Roj is the owner and he is a good businessman.
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    velawan, im with budget reseller and they offer me end user support too.

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    I am wondering if you guys recommend anonymous end user support.
    It seems to me that you gave yourself a reason to. If your users usually ask you things that must be taken care of by your provider (as opposed to simple things like setup outlook etc.), it does makes sense to skip the step that involves you.

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    Hosting Zoom offers this also. There are plent of reviews for them. Try a search.


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