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    Change Site's IP Address


    I would like to define an IP for a site, but when I click in " Change Site's IP Address ", I choose the bill that I want to change Ips, but in " New Address: I don't " get to visualize IPs. When I click in " Show or Delete Current IP Addresses " I get to visualize all the ips, they are normal. Would anybody know how I do so that in " Change Site's IP Address " appears the ips?


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    Which webserver you are using ?
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    This sounds like a cPanel server to me, but the type was not specified. Make sure you have all your ip addresses in your address range added using "Add a New IP Address" - Business Web Hosting Solutions & Server Management Since 2003

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    try deleting the additional IPs in "Show or Delete Current IP Addresses" and then readd them one by one

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    I am using cpanel.

    Deleted the second ip in " Show or Delete Current IP Addresses ", then appeared me that message:

    " eth1:1 i now down, have been removed "

    I added second Ip again in " Add to New IP Address ", then appeared me that message:

    " eth1:1 i now up. broadcast have been added
    System have 0 free ips ".

    My server is in The Planet, they supplied me 11 Ips. What can be?

    and when I click in " Change Site's IP Address " I continue to not to see the ips.
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    Sounds like:

    A: You don't have enough IPs that are not in use. See how it says "System has 0 free ips", well, that means all IPs are assigned one way or another(they are either shared IPs, or already assigned to a site.

    B: You don't have permission to use the IP, highly unlikely since you need to be the root WHM user to add or remove IPS, or atleast have "root privs"

    Could you go to "IP Address Usage" and see if you have any free? I bet you don't and you just need to talk to your ISP about getting some more IP's so you can add them.
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    I discovered what it was, I clicked in " Show/Edit Reserved IPs ", and all my ips they were reserved. Then desmarkerd some, and when I went to change the ip of the site, appeared, then I went and I changed. Thank to all.

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