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    Fix Graphical Blemishes on site (coding)
    That site needs to look like this:
    Front page,
    Listing page
    Template view page

    The system it's coded into is

    Please post a price, and if possible, past works.

    Payment will be made after completion, but before delivery. I just want to see that it's working before I give money, I've had 2 people run away with money working on this site.

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    May you specify what exactly you want completed?

    I'm interested in working for you. I have worked on integrationg client exec and whmap into site designs before so I have experience with this type of stuff.

    Thank you,
    .-=={[(' Sitedesigner ')]}==-.

    ~Entrepreneur at heart~ Pm me.

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    hi, i ever worked with the altrasoft template seller pro.
    some note about this software:
    1. register_globals is on (i was having headache converting the global variables into the approapriate superglobals)
    2. it utilizes john lim's adodb as database abstraction
    3. it supports paypal and 2co ipn. anyway, the 2co ipn only worked for the version one and it's lack of documentation on how to enable it (by default, it won't work).
    4. its admin panel is a bit horrible.

    if you're interested to hire me for completing this project and want to know my experience and portfolio, you can send me email to bloodyveins [at] gmail {dot} com. (this is my first post in this forum, i know pm-ing me is disabled)


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