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    5 NEAT Sites for Sale... - offers over $35, BIN $69

    Awesome site with almost 800 jokes loaded (that come with the site)...has a tremendous admin panel for adding, deleting, approving jokes, as well as managing ads, etc...clean site...nice exciting color..
    __________________________________________ - offers over $30, BIN $69

    Tips and tricks site with about 90 tips already the point and short name to remember!...nice admin managing the tips and all your advertising means, etc...also has built in rating system for the tips and more...
    __________________________________________ - offers over $30, BIN $69

    Cool site with about 60-70 riddles preloaded and including with the site...again, nice admin for adding riddles and managing banner ads, etc...really in-depth site, with rating system for the riddles and more...
    __________________________________________ - offers over $25, BIN $45

    Encryption site offering $29 membership to utilize the software as much as you like...encrypt a link, or your entire site...easy to use system, just drop in your text/code that you want encrypted then click encrypt and there you have it...make one or two sales/signups and it's paid for!
    __________________________________________ - offers over $35, BIN $69

    Affiiliate based site, earn 10% on ALL sales generated thru the site - no shipping, no handling the money and/or orders - just advertise the site, get paid for ALL sales!! Affiliate transfer, account sign up is immediate and 100% approval rate - so easy transfer of the affiliate...

    **Revenue = $24+ in sales so far, = $2.40 commission

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    interested in

    what are the stats/income of this website so far?

    email me trancedm [at] gmail [dot]

    thank you

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    whats the encryption website coded in?

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    r2xDesign - email sent

    fyi for others: taffic = 8 uniques/day

    matrixnet - is built in html, and utilizes javascript as well... - Social Bookmarking Script!! - Tutorial Script for Sale!

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    I'll offer $50 for: - offers over $35, BIN $69

    Thanks - Brian
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