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    Shared and Reseller Hosting Business, side businesses for sale.

    Very slight summary, please direct questions to PM

    HOSTING - 100 plus clients, most of them long term, two billing systems, will have more information via PM

    IMAGE HOSTING - Thousands of user, hundred or so paying annually

    Very popular graphic community

    Outright offers above 30k of monetary arrangements will only be considered.

    Contact me through PM here, serious parties only.

    No earned buyouts will be entertained, this is a direct sale and purchase offer.

    Anonymous Webhosting Sale
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    As of the post above the offer stood at 30k, a new offer has put the bid at 38k. I'll continue to allow others to offer based on serious inquiry. Until I am confident the deal is made it will remain open.

    I have put 6 years into this and I consider these actually low bids. The reason for the sale is personal and is unrelated to the services, they all have an impecable and respectable reputation and have a large following.
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    WHT has currently errored and PM ability is down. Those that have contacted me please do so through this thread.
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    pm details and proof of revenue please
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    PM details
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    All PMs sent, the hosting side and graphic community is not for sale anymore.

    The only thing left is the image hosting service.

    The site uses 2.1 gigabytes of space, and 99 gigabytes of transfer monthly.

    The site is positioned on the search engines and has been active since 2002.

    Taking offers for the service.
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    The current bid is 4600.00

    This is for:

    The domain, registered Dec 2002
    The site, scripts etc
    The userbase heading towards 9000

    If you're serious about beating the bid contact me via PM. I'm looking to end this by Monday.
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    Noone is interested?
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    did your 4600 bid fall through
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    Yes it did.
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    Right now I have two servers that easily cover all sites, each server is a fastserver 188 dollar a month server. There are two ssl certs that cost 100 a year (Total). The modernbill liscense is 25 a month. Thats about it as far as costs. There are domains, but all customers domains are covered by their payments. You would need to transfer them to your godaddy account.

    Storage: The sites live on two 56 gig partitions and take up

    Server One (This server rung sighost, which takes up about 3 gigs, there's also another 4 gigs that wouldnt go with the sale).
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hda6 59G 23G 34G 40% /home

    Server Two (Keep in mind that the 13g used is not accurate. There are partner services that would reduce that by about 6 gigs.

    Both servers take about 240gigs total but again the high usage sites wouldnt go with the sale (Sighost is a seperate sale) and is available for sale at 3500 for 8000 free users and about 60 paid users.
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hda6 56G 13G 41G 25% /home

    The service brings in about 13 thousand a year, I'm looking to sell just the hosting for 15 thousand.
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    I might as well pull this, not enough interested, lots of talk, informaiton sent. Must be a lot of window shoppers ahha. Oh well, will try again later.
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    Spoke too soon, current offer is 15 thousand for the hosting side. This offer is looking to close by the middle of next week. Those that are seriously interested need to contact me ASAP.
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    Bid is at 17k
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    The hosting side is slated to sell tomorrow afternoon. Please close this thread.
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