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    nameserver, dns confusion...need help

    OK, I have my dedicated server and I'm installing everything now. I have my domains registered with registerfly but i'm not a network guy so Im new to this do I point this domain to my server?

    Can you explain nameservers, do I have to set one of these up or can i use registerflys? I was going to sign up for, should I do that so I can create and manage sub domains as well as all my main domains?

    Thanks, weird how I can compile kernels and program anything but this network stuff it strange to me!

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    Im not that good either (wrong forum also ).

    trying domain name forum or tecnical issues forum..

    Testing 1.. Testing 1..2.. Testing 1..2..3...

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    chica go go
    1) Register 2 IP with 2 hostnames of your choice with your Domain Registrar that you want to use as nameservers

    2) Setup BIND on your server, and config it to listen on those 2 ip addresses you registered with your registrar

    3) Setup a few records for that domain in bind, and configure another ip address you want your domain to be tied to

    4) Config apache, pure/proFTPD, and other services to bind themselves to ports 80, 21, 22, etc.. .

    5) Setup a VIRUALHOST in your /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf for your domain.

    You should probably hire a server admin.

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    Moved to the correct forum.

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