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    P4 2.4, 512MB, 80GB, 1200GB BW $99/month. Colo deals also!!

    On sale this week are 3 overstock servers. We are also offering special pricing on colocation. Check below for our special offers!

    Dedicated Servers.

    QTY Available: 2

    P4 2.4GHZ w/HT
    512MB RAM
    80GB HDD
    10Mbps uplink
    5 IP's

    $99/month $0 Setup

    Click Here to Order

    QTY Available: 1

    P4 2.4GHZ non HT
    512MB RAM
    80GB HDD
    10Mbps Uplink
    5 IP's

    $89/month $0 Setup

    Click Here to Order

    All Servers are Unmanaged. Extra IP's are $2 per IP per month. Overage is $.50/GB.


    Space: Reg: $40 per U. Special Price: $30 per U.
    Bandwidth: Reg: $55 per mbit. Special Price: $50 per mbit.

    All Bandwidth is billed on the 95th percentile. Overage Bandwidth is $55/meg.

    How to order Colocation: Email [email protected] and mention the Space and mbits that you want to commit to. Also do not forget to mention WHT.

    Zoner Hosting Uses XEEX Communications/NRsoftware Bandwidth connectivity. XEEX Communications/NRsoftware uses a premium blend of Global Crossing, Level 3, BTNaccess. They also have extensive peering that will assure you will get the best route to anywhere in the world.

    Test IP:
    Test File:

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