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    Need Advise ASAP

    Hello all

    I need some input on a domain issue.

    Ok I own the following domains: and (IE names of Yamaha motor corp's atv models)

    I have own them since 1999 and 2000.

    Last month the Yamaha company contacted me asking me if would sell them the names. I did not know what to say (knowing the names are a trademark infringement).

    I told them I would turn the names over to them as part of a marketing agreement, not sell them provided my expenses and time were paid. I was told this would be no problem. We talked about what amount that would be. I was told to put that in righting so I did within 36 hours they set a demanding letter requesting the sites to be taken down ASAP and the domains turned over to them at once.

    What can I do?

    Any input welcome

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    Yamaha = Trademarked, so they could just take the domains from you.

    Sell them for the highest price you can get obviously.

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    We now that I have done some research looks like I will take what they give me...

    Thank you

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