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    What language could do the following...

    I want to refresh a website once every 30 minutes, and if it finds a certain word somewhere have it start an MP3 or play a .wav to let me know.

    Would this use perl? Sorry if this doesn't belong on this forum, if you know a better place to ask this, let me know.


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    You can do that with any web programming language....

    do the refresh using meta refresh and on every pageload check if your condition == true then echo some html method to play the audio file... I'd recommend doing the audio thing using flash for more compatibility....

    Example with html/php:

    PHP Code:

    <META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="1800">

    if ( <your_condition> ) {
    puts some <embed> code here to play the audio file....


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    Cool thanks for the reply!

    I'm a moron when it comes to coding, I can sort of read it, can never write it, my mental capacity is lacking heh.

    Basically all I want it to do is


    if ( <your_condition=

    look for this word "EXAMPLE" within the source but excluding this word "EXAMPLE" if found within a webform (drop down menu etc)

    > ) {

    Heeh, i'll play around some and see if I can come up with something.

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