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    Colocation Suggestions

    Hello WHT -

    I've been browsing the forums, and reading around - yet, I'm still not sure who to go with.

    Previously, I was hosting with FNAP prior to them moving the main datacenter to Chicago. I had almost no problems while hosted there; however I'm having some issues with the new company that took over the servers in the New Jersey location.

    At present, the deal I have is as follows:

    1U Server
    32 IPs

    $120 a month.

    I'm looking for something comparable; however - Reverse DNS is an absolute must. The current provider is having issues delegating and/or setting my reverse DNS, causing a lot of problems with email and dns services. Additionally, there is some odd rate speed limiting on every port except 80; impacting both FTP and HTTPS speeds - I can't deal with that.

    I'm looking for a new datacenter ASAP, something close to Michigan is preferable, but not required. I'm looking to do a hot transition. IE; bring a dedicated server online at the new location for a short time, while I drive to NYC to pickup my old server - then move it to the new location. I want to change IPs only once, so I'd like to bring my colocated server online with the IPs that are to be occupied by the temporary dedicated server.

    If anyone has an suggestions or offers for me, it would be appreciated.

    -- David

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    Any provider you go with should be able to do RDNS for you.

    You might want to check Axishost. They are in Grand Rapids.

    Aaron Wendel
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    I was interested in AxisHost - even took a drive by the facility. Unfortunately, I've emailed sales twice - spoke with Tina breifly on IRC and she asked me to email her directly; but I've never gotten a reply.

    -- David

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    "I want to change IPs only once, so I'd like to bring my colocated server online with the IPs that are to be occupied by the temporary dedicated server."

    Slightly off-topic, but a warning about ARP caching. I've seen colo centers set their ARP cache so high that the switch associates an IP address with the old hardware address for HOURS.

    What I usually do is set the DNS persistency really low during the change, assign the temporary machine to a "throwaway" IP address, and then change the DNS to point to the permanent server's IP AFTER the permanent server is ready to go.

    With a redirect page on the temporary server, it allows for a seamless transition, and no worries about stale IP-to-MAC associations in the ARP table.

    I once installed a firewall and spent hours banging my head against walls trying to figure out why it wouldn't work - I couldn't believe the colo center had their switches configured to cache ARP entries for 8 hours (and, of course, the on-site staff couldn't flush the ARP cache).

    Good luck!

    - Tracy
    I.T. Pro Network Geek

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    OK - Tina replied to me today!

    Unfortunately, they don't offer burstable bandwidth on colocation - just a set line speed.

    Any other suggestions?

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