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    Checkout system?

    I'm trying to find a checkout system for my hosting company. Apparently i cannot use modernbill, so does anyone have an suggestions for any others?
    Many thanks
    Chris Harris

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    accountlab, clientexec........there are many just do a search on yahoo or google.

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    phpCoin is good

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    WHMautopilot is pretty good if you're using cPanel
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    Id say WHM Autopilot, ClientExec, and Modernbill are the best when it comes to client billing/management. But since you said you cant use Modernbill Id recommend WHMAP or ClientExec.

    WHM Autopilot

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    I currently use ClientExec and love it. It is easy to use and is inexpensive.
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    Hiya I use whoiscart and its absulotly fantastic, has all the normal features and for $30 rougly 15 its amazing, its fully customasible etc etc, i aint used whmauto poilet but for the price wise... whoiscart .net

    mmm also i used phpcoin i never really liked it

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    Originally posted by Wazeh
    phpCoin is good
    Oh my goodness!! Are you serious? PHPCoin???

    I wouldn't use that ever again. It's so not user friendly and the functions just SUX!!! Everything about it sux actually. I'd definitely say ModernBill, ClientExec, WHMAutopilot or etc but DEFINITELY NOT phpCoin.
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    Would go with clientexec, I myself been running it months every one of my clients so far has enjoyed using it, I have two resellers also who I recommended it to and both have easily gotten used to it and like it. I would go with clientexec definitely.

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    The only problem with clientexec is the lack of feature when it comes to recurring/subscription payments with paypal &

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    Wow, thank you very much for all the responses, i will be looking into all the ones you have mentioned. Thanks again.

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