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    Novice is looking for a hosting Company

    A few months ago I enrolled with a free hosting service called and then created my first ever website. It's a small site about endangered tree species and it's getting about 20-30 visitors per day. So far I'm very happy with the free hosting, but they're planning to start putting ads on my pages, and I've decided
    that I want an ad-free site, and also that I want the site to have a new name. So I want to move to a pay hosting service.

    I recently registered a new domain name for the site with GoDaddy, and noticed that they also have hosting services. Their basic plan costs $3.95 per month, and has more than enough space and bandwidth for my needs. Since I'm using them for domain registration, I thought it might be convenient to also use their hosting service, but I want to check on their reputation first.

    Has anyone had experience with Godaddy's hosting services? How are their reliability and download speeds? Should I look elsewhere. If so, can someone suggest other hosting companies?

    Thank you, billybw

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    Do a search and you'll find a coulpe of reviews for godaddy's hosting. I know there was on a week or two ago. He had postive reviews about godaddy's hosting. He was leaving godaddy because his space/bandwidth requirements exceeded what godaddy's was providing him. As I recall other than that, he was very satisfied.

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    GoDaddy isn't bad. If your basic web site requirements don't exceed what you can get for $3.95/mo then you should be fine.

    Host Excellence has a $2.95/mo starter plan that comes with 50 MB and 10 GB transfer.
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    You should also do a search on google to look for web hosting to see if you can find the host that best suites your needs and to compare against godaddy!

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    GoDaddy is not bad for your type of site.

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    If you are looking for better support I would go with a company thats not as big as godaddy. Perhaps try a search in the offers forum.
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    billybw first welcome to the WHT!

    You wrote "and has more than enough space and bandwidth for my needs.", so it would be much easier for us to help you if you write what your needs are. For example, do you need a database? or do you need more than 150MB/montly bandwidth?, etc.

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    That sounds like a great website! Whats the URL ? I am interested

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    I have a simple site hosted by Godaddy using the basic $3.95/month plan. Reliability has been excellent. I have seen posts by others that indicate that with more complicated needs the support from Godaddy does not keep up. If your needs expand to require better support and a higher priced plan, there is a lot of competition. The field providing hosting at the $4/month level is narrower. My previous experience with Registerfly hosting at that price level was disappointing with much down time.

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    Hello again
    Thanks to eveyone for taking time to reply. This is very helpful. I'm still inclined to go with GoDaddy, but realize that I need to do some more checking before making a final decision.

    Someone asked about my specific requirements. It looks like about 10 MB of memory and 100 MB of bandwidth per month should be enough. I wrote everything in simple html, so as far as I know don't need any extras (I don't know how to use most of them anyway.)

    Someone also asked for the url of my my site. I tried to include it in this post but got a message that I'm not allowed to put a url link into a post until I've made at least five previous posts, which I haven't. So I'll try to sneak it past the authorities by changing dots to dashes as follows: www-bbw-hostingisfree-com / index-html, and if you really want to go there you can reconstruct it.

    Again, thanks to everyone. billybw

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    I would highly recommend keeping the domain and hosting seperate.
    Although as static HTML I don't think you would have much of an issue with godaddy but you can find better for less - with more features for when you later on want to expand with some sql or forums, galleries, etc..
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