I am going to keep this short and sweet. We are looking for a sales force willing to work on selling products and services for Platinum Hosting.

Job Details:
What will you be responsible for selling? Well, Shared and Dedicated Hosting, Website Design Packages, Custom Programming, Server Management, and anything else we develop in the near future.

Special Conditions
-While you are being recruited on Web Hosting Talk, you will not be permitted to use Web Hosting Talk as a venue to sell for us. We reserve the right to permit one of the applicants to advertise on Web Hosting Talk.

Well, this is going to be commission based, so you will be getting a percentage of the recurring revenue for each account you sell for as long as you work for us. You, if you sell a $1000/month dedicated server, you could have a certain percentage of that. We have not decided on a firm percentage, but we were thinking in the area of 10-15 percent, since this will be a recurring pay.

Application Process & Requirements:
-You must be a member for at least 3 month and have been active during that time.
-You must not actively advertise for any other Hosting/Design/Programming/Management Company.
-Submit your resume to [email protected] Please remember to list all previous employment, whether it is volunteer, CO-OP, Casual, Part-Time or Full Time.
-If we are interested in you, you will be contacted VIA email within a week of the closing date.
-We reserve the right to hold interviews before you are accepted.

Application Email Address: [email protected]
Closing Date: Friday, May 13, 2005

Thank You for your interest,

Daniel Sheppard