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    Question Reasonable prices for web design / graphic design? Help appreciated!

    For those of you who own a graphic design and/or web design business, what do you feel is a current reasonable price for the following: (supposing this is for an average size website for a small business or something similar)

    . Complete graphic design for website - graphics only, no content or management of website
    . Maintenance of website (monthly or hourly costs)
    . Graphic design and maintenance
    . One graphic, such as a logo or banner
    . Complete graphic design and creation of website, but no maintenance

    You can just give an average, since some of these would change depending on certain circumstances.

    Also, what do you do when a customer wants you to make their website completely - do you find a host for them (if you don't have your own space to host them on or hosting company), and if so, who? Do you charge them more for hosting than you are paying?

    Thanks in advance!

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    As for the design prices, you really should calculate your own hourly rates based on your skills. Search on for some great articles on how to do just that. My giving you an "average" rate would be very foolish and unwise.

    Hosting can be added on as a one-time, yearly or monthly cost by the designer in their own company (as I do), with another company, or your client may already have hosting arrangements set up.

    Hope this helps,

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    Generally designers will estimate the cost of the project based on a goal hourly rate (also depends on the company) after a thorough description and breifing of the project. Vague guidlines like "a website" are not enough to base a price on. How many pages? What scripting/programming will be used?

    There are no standards, basically what each designer feels thier time is worth and how much each project is worth to the company contracting them. For instance, if you were to brand a starup webhosting company, you would charge differently than if you were rebranding Pepsi.

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    We work with a lot of SMEs and the average cost for a website could be around $500. For some design packages, we also give free one year hosting.
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