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    Smile [WANTED] PHP Programmer for Project

    We are looking for a PHP programmer experienced with standards-based programming of PHP scripts and integrating PHP scripts with mySQL databases. This programmer will be a contractor that will complete the mentioned project for us. Depending on the work done, ethic and attitude - this may lead to future work in a salaried position.

    Official Requirements

    - Must have solid skills in PHP and mySQL web development.
    - Must be located within North America. (Due to Time-Zones.)
    - English should be primary language.

    Three scripts will need to be developed. Each script should be scripted in PHP, and use a mySQL database if necessary. Outlined below are the primary components of each script.

    1. News System Components

    - Admin Add Article: Administrator needs to be able to post news articles. They should be able to submit the article title, the article body and an image for the article. This script will need to resize the image that they upload and add a 1px border around the image.

    - Admin View Articles: There needs to be a page that list all of the current news articles in the system. There should be options for each one to edit or delete, as well as to assign a specific article as a "TOP STORY".

    - (Note: The "TOP Story" will be featured on the front page of the portal with the title, a tidbit of the body and the associated image. The 5 most recent articles will appear beside it - but ONLY their titles need to be displayed.)

    - Article Page: Each news article will need to be displayed on it's own individual page, in it's entirety.

    2. Weather System

    You will be designing a script to work with Environment Canada's weather data from their FTP data feed. View this PDF file to see how the data will be retrieved from Environment Canada's feed.

    3. Events Listing System Components

    This script will allow an administrator to add/edit/delete events. Basic event information needs to be included (ie. date/time/location/name/description) ... There will be 3 major components to this system.

    - Add/Edit/Delete Event Page - self explanatory

    - Summarized Display Page - This is a simple page that will display the 6 most current events, along with their dates and locations.

    - Full Browse - Regular visitors need to have the option to view a listing of ALL of the days events, as well as browse another day of their choosing.

    *Note* Website "design" services will not be required for this project. We will be doing the design in terms of layouts, styles and graphics. This is first and foremost a programming gig.

    How to Apply

    Submit the following information to <<Removed by request>> ...

    - A list of applicable skills and abilities.
    - A portfolio consisting of links to projects completed.
    - Your name and contact information (IM information preferred!)
    - Time frame to complete the project in full.
    - Your price to complete the contracted work in full.

    Thanks and Good Luck!
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    A selection has been made. Closed by request.
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