Allright, here's my problem.

I have an IBM x250 server with Fedora Core 3 freshly installed. I want to install Plesk, a control panel.

I started installing the dependencies and everything worked fine EXCEPT (d'ah...) the "perl-DB_File-1.804-88.3.i386.rpm" dependency. I think it's used by Perl to access the Berekley database.

This particular rpm asks for the "" dependency. The thing is, it's already installed and up to date. It is even used by other rpm's. Therefore, I can't uninstall it and install it back (I think I can't...).

So, what are my options ?? Should I compile the perl-DB rpm from the source ? Should I uninstall all the rpms which use, then update this file and install everything back ?

Is it possible that the file is not correctly registered in the OS ??

I just have no idea what to do...