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    Want a free gameserver? I need a modder for invision 2.0.3. (Hallife1,2,americasarmy)

    I am looking for somebody who can make mods for IPB. I would need to see some past work you have done and if you have any mods on invisionize. If i got a lot of replies i will see who i think is the best and make a decision.

    It wont be easy as a gameservers are worth a lot of money. You can have a gameserver for either half-life 1 (any mod) half-life 2 (any mod), teamspeak or ventilo. You will get ftp access to you server so you can install addons such as adminmod or amx.

    I would need somebody who is online a lot and is near the GMT time zone so i will be able to speak to you a lot. I would want mods on request and it could be 10 a month or sometimes it could be 2 a month depending on what i need. I would need support and help for you to do things on IPB for me. Everything will be for IPB 2.0.3. Some mod requests will be big and some will be small.

    I will also need you to be able to edit other peoples mods so i can personalize them to how i want. I can tell you it is not going to be an easy job but for a gameserver i think it is well worth it.

    If you dont want a gameserver i can also offer a file server with ftp access for you to stream and host files. It would just be basic http and ftp on windows.

    Here is my contact info:
    msn: [email protected]
    aim: Bidyb4g
    yahoo: usa_fox1234
    icq: 204815829

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    A 32 player server for HL is worth $64 if its $2.00 a slot and thats even a cheap price.

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    Anybody want to do this deal?

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    I can, ive added u too MSN and AIM.

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