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    gaming laptop! suggestions please!

    Looking at a laptop for gaming (doom3, world of warcraft,high end games)

    I am looking at a Sony with:
    Processor: Intel Pentium M (1.7 GHz) processor
    Memory: 512mb ram
    Graphics Card: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900
    Graphics RAM: 128 MB
    Display: WXGA with XBRITE-ECO technology

    Can anyone recommend a laptop within $1300 for gaming? Thanks

    also, are centrino's generally better than a P4 for laptops?
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    Have you considered the Inspiron 6000?

    You can go here to find a $750 off $1999 coupon:

    In addition, through fatwallet, you get 3% back (another $60).

    I recently got a Inspiron 6000 for $1300 with these specs

    2 GHZ Pentium M
    512 MB RAM (single stick)
    128 MB Graphics Card
    15.4" Widescreen with 1920x1080 display (it's incredible)
    Integrated wireless.

    It's just simply incredible. I can't rave enough about this notebook.
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    I just bought a HP dv6050 and it runs games really well. CompUSA has them on sale for $1149 after rebates.

    AMD 64 3500+
    1GB Ram
    100GB Drive
    128MB ATI Radeon
    15.4" Widescreen

    Is a nice little laptop for that price.

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    I got a Ferrari 3200 back in June, amazing, runs all my games perfectly, (far cry, doom III, half life 2) it now sells for around £950 odd. You can get one second hand even cheaper.

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    I'll second the Inspiron 6000 as well as the ATI video card. I have a Radeon x300 with 64 megs of RAM that plays games just fine. Although I'm mostly using it for RTS and MMORPG games; I have a different machine for FPS games.

    Make sure the card is at least a Radeon 9600 or better or Nvidia 5200 or better. For your needs probably 128 megs of video RAM. If you can afford it upgrade to a laptop with the Radeon x800 card. A friend of mine bought a laptop with a Radeon 7500 and it won't play ANY of the recent games out there.

    And integrated Graphics Cards are the devil's work. (Cards that share RAM with your system). Don't buy an onboard Intel video card for gaming no matter what.
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    If you want top of the line, and money isn't an problem, I would get a fragbook from falcon-nw they are very high end and have great performance however the base price for one is 2500 and 5000 for the other. Very expensive but high quality
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    I'd recommend getting an Alienware. Other than somewhat lacking tech support, they're excellent.
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    I just saw the Alienware 12.1" laptop on their web site--looks really nice. Although it's $1899 - $400 mail in rebate (current special) for it's base unit.
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    yea. the alienware 7700 is amazing. Running CSS and war3 smoothly. And their support are great.. I don't know why so many people complant about their support. They are friendly and helpful.
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    I complain about their support because it took 6 calls just to get the proper replacement part mailed to me. Other than that I'm happy with Alienware.
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    Whatever you do, don’t get that Intel Graphics card. For a gaming laptop, make sure you get a good video card like ATI or Nvidia. Also, Centrino can be better for games depending on what game it is. Centrino is basically a P3 processor with huge amounts of cache. It will be hard finding a laptop for $1300 that can play high end games well.

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    Alienware support sucks badly. It's nothing but indian outsourcing. Hard to understand and deal with. I have an alienware, got the best money could buy back in september, which unfortunately is not quite the best anymore (though still close). Pentium M's are not reccomended for gaming laptops. Dell doesn't make that good of gaming laptops, though for your price range, they might be your only option. Best of luck to ya.

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    I think you should go with the HP with 17" screen. Starts at around 1400. not bad. My girlfriend got one for her birthday and I admit, it works so great that I'm going to buy one (of course a little better so I can brag LOL )
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    A Dell will last awhile. I have a 2.5 year old Inspiron 8200. It's 2.2ghz, 512mb of ram and Radeon 9000 with 64mb of ram. It runs CS, War3, Unreal, etc with no problems.

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