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    Moving several shared sites to a dedicated server.

    We are currently hosting several websites on shared host plans with on a variety of different servers from different companies. Only one of them uses moderate bandwidth 7GB a day max we have seen but usually around 250-1000 and the rest are quite mild generally less than 300MB a day max. So 700GB-1000GB would be a good minimum transfer range to look for. Another criteria is that one of the websites is for a business so reliability, security and quick support is a big issue. Processing power and RAM does not need to be too intensive. Two of the sites run PHP nuke and my personal site is just some home brewed php that is pretty lightweight. Also a non clogged network is a good thing. We have a phpnuke site on ****** right now so we know how important not getting into an overloaded network is... So we are looking for...

    1. Good uptime, support and security
    2. ~1TB Transfer
    2. Reasonable amount of storage space >40GB
    4. Offers a method for data backup
    5. Some server management. Ex. Plesk
    6. Offers a remote reboot/restart of the machine that is either free or of a reasonable price.
    7. We also need Apache, MySQL, PHP though that is pretty much the norm.

    Some of the options we have considered thus far are Server Matrix, Server Beach, EV1 and superb servers though we have bookmarked and indexed plenty more sites. Thanks for your comments.


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    736 for unmetered 10MBit servers.
    CPanel/HSphere available
    99.9% SLA Network, 100% Power
    Good Value, Reasonable Specs ( Celeron or P4) and good network, giving to the fact that they operate their own datacenter and all.

    Support is basic, but you can 'purchase' more.

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    Interesting. I had looked at allmanaged already and that also sounds like a good deal. It seems like server matrix has the most configurable and most support tools through orbit. Also a friend of mine told me to stay away from serverbeach as he has heard some good horror stories. Any other comments?

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    of course all the sites are operated by , who are of course Irish.

    But yah, your requirements seem fairly flexible, and most servers would have 1TB approx, or more with them.
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    We would like to keep the price around 150 or less. Right now server matrix is around that mark 119+40 in options (plesk 100 domains and disksync 10GB) = 159/mo

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    you might look into gnax.

    I'm @ right now and couldn't love it more. And as far as panels go, I recommend DirectAdmin...

    serverbeach isn't THAT bad. their sales/billing department is HORRIBLE though.

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