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    Windows \ Failover

    I am presently searching for a host for a Corporate Website and Database. The Website is ASP.NET so will obviously only work on Windows, the database I was planning MySQL.
    My problem is that I want to have a failover machine, simple buy two, but my clients will access the database directly using Microsoft Access to generate reports and queries so I can't have the database on another machine without a problem on the MyODBC DSN connection.
    I would like a simple standby machine in case of disaster but I would like the failover to be transparent to the direct connection users...
    Any suggestions?


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    You can use SimpleFailover (Windows software) to cope with straightforward failover. The database is more complex. Either have the database update write updates to both machines, or put the database on a third server. Access is probably not the way to go, try MySQL instead.
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    Yeah I agree I plan to use MySQL but the clients will directly access this MySQL database using the DSN MyODBC connect and by generating Reports and Queries in Access on their desktops.
    The users are non technical.
    I wanted a solution where if the first server is down the second database server kicks in and the users can use this transparently.

    Is there a the equivalent of a secondary name i.e. Can I set the database server to be a web address and let the DNS map to the IP whether it's primary or secondary.

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    Why don't you use clustering in W2k or 2003 server. I use it with servers in cluster mode connected to a SAN if one goes down the other takes over, users just know the name of the cluster, I use it on SQL Server and it works just fine.

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    Both servers would have to be on the same switch and the last hoster I dealt with (serverbeach) didn't allow me to cast the virtual IP.
    Do you know a good hoster that would allow this?

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