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    Thinking about selling my business; $6000-7500 gross income a month

    Hello all,

    Because of personal reasons (a burn-out, basically; looking for another kind of job which allows me to go on holiday again and more), I'm *considering* to sell my hosting company or customer base.

    Basically, it consists of around 40 customers paying $10-300 a month (all adult sites; most customers only have one domain), and a few pretty large customers on their own dedicated boxes, using a few terabytes a month.

    The global bandwidth usage is around 70-100Mbps, and the accounts are spread over a dozen of servers.

    In order to maximize the revenue, the buyer could consider to move all those accounts onto a couple of high-powered servers, as most of the sites are static and not using too much CPU/RAM.

    Most of these customers are with me for longer than one or two years, paying on time every month. They don't require too much support (only a few tickets a month). It's just the stress of carrying my pager with me 24/24 and being called away from family events etc that's killing me, after having been in this business for longer than four years and not having had a chance of going to bed without knowing for sure that I'll get an alert on my mobile.

    For now I'd like to keep my company anonymous, because I'm still considering if I should sell or not. I'd like to know how much I can get from this sale, before going ahead and selling.

    So basically, I receive between $6000-7500 in payments a month (depends on the bandwidth usage of the big guys) and the global bandwidth rarely exceeds 100Mbps (the more, the better, of course).

    I'm looking for a trustworthy company that can offer my customers a good home and very decent support and uptime. Preferrably, you could move my customers off of my servers, onto yours.

    Again, these are adult sites; all legal and you won't get any spam complaints as these customers have shown their good manners during the last couple of years.

    Please send your offers to [email protected] - only serious offers please. I realize that, without further data on the specific accounts etc, it's hard to present me with an exact number, but an idea of the figure you would pay is more than welcome.
    If I decide to sell, we'll do so officially, with a contract and legal advise.

    Thank you !

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    What are you costs so the actual profit?
    What datacenter are the servers currently in, dedicated or colo?

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    Originally posted by tomsyer
    What are you costs so the actual profit?
    What datacenter are the servers currently in, dedicated or colo?
    The costs would depend on how much you pay for bandwidth. The accounts are spread over too many servers at this moment, so for the maximum profit, you'd need to move them onto a smaller number of servers anyway. After doing so, you'd at least make $3000 a month.

    Those servers are dedicated, rented month to month, in three US-based datacenters.

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    Is the website included in this sale?
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    So what's your actual cost now?
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    I am interested in obtaining additional info.

    Where are the colo client servers located?

    Will they move? Or are they local to that geographic area?

    What are your total expenses currently, and what is the breakout on expenses?

    Have the IPs been burned?
    Are any of the clients on SPEWS, ROSKO, or Spamhaus?

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    * how many IPs in use
    * what is the total outgoing cost *now* on the dedicatd servers/bandwidth
    * where are the current servers located
    * which countries are the clients from
    * how many servers and what specifications at present
    * are the clients on minimum contract terms ?
    * what sla/uptime guarantee do you provide
    * were the existing servers selected on cost, location, transit provider or other reason ?

    Knowing you get 6k turnover doesn't help provide a valuation without knowing if you have 4k or 10k of outgoings !
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