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    How to connect to AMS-IX from London

    I'm doing some research here. What would it cost to lease 1gbit or 10gbit from a London data centre to AMS-IX. Is it cheaper to just rent the fibre and use your own equipment and what costs could be expected?

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    Prices vary from provider to provider, but I would estimate a gige would cost approx £1500-2500 month.

    The only companies in London that can offer 10gbit connectivity are those that operate their own fibre and have WDM equipment (there is only one or two companies that have their own fibre and WDM equiment).

    I would be very carefull of those companies that advertise they own and operate their own fibre, running a fibre connection from one router to another does not count as running your own fibre neither does reselling.

    Renting your own fibre in itself isnt a simple task depending on your location.
    WDM equipment does not come cheap you can be expected to spend anywhere between £30,000-£150,000 on WDM equipment alone (that is if you want more than 1gbit from your fibre).
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