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    Script to sell/manage advertising space

    Hi all!

    Can anyone suggest a PHP script to sell/manage ad space with features like the ability to add campaigns (CPC and impressions), upload banners, huge reports about the campaigns (text and graphical). Maybe instant activation after payment (PayPal preferred). Anything free or under 100$ would be ok.

    Any comment will be appreciated

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    phpAdsNew is free and does everything but manage the billing side of it all. it's really nice and very advanced in my opinion for an advertising script.

    it tracks impressions and clicks, but you cant do CPC or anything like that. there might be addons or modifications out there that do though, i have never looked.

    good luck!

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    Im currently in the process of coding one - if youre interested I can contact you when complete.
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    Thanks for your replies, I'm going to check phpAdsNew and see if there are mods for billing or I can add that myself.

    @boomers let me know when your script is ready, I might be interested if phpAdsNew doesn't suit my needs.

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    I use a fairly simple one - manages clicks, impressions, admin so you can easily manage the banners, stats for individual advertisers - Rather than code one, I founnd one that did most of what I wanted... and check it out for yourself....
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    phpAdsNew is powerful, but not for the faint of heart. It can be confusing to use at first.

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    Yup, definately go with phpAdsNew, but if your new to it, READ THE DOCS, as artie said, it can be very confusing at first look.

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