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    Post What you want from a reseller

    Hiya guys, I am just about to go into the webhosting business but would like to find out from potential customers etc. what they really want, i.e. customer research.

    Are you looking for custom packages so you can make your own choices or do you want competitive priced packages?

    Space: how much space do you really want. I have seen some people giving out 5-10Mb hosting packages, I am looking around 200Mb for the most basic of hosting packages or 100Mb onwards for custom packages.

    Bandwidth: How much bandwidth do you really want? My most basic package comes with 2000MB of bandwidth

    Windows/Linux: Are you looking for Linux or Windows based Operating Systems, obviously each platform provides you with certain benefits, or do you want the ability to be able to choose

    Databases: My lowest package comes with 5 mySQL databases, do you think this is to high or to little

    Control Panel: What panel would you like to see, I want to choose a panel based on customers preference not based on cost or becauses its simply easier for me

    Custom Apps: Would you like to see custom apps offered, if so what?


    My background I have been around since 1998 after studying Computing at University, I have quite a bit of experience in Networking and Security, have a lot of hands on experience in iptables and securing of services etc.

    I have been saving the cash to ensure that I have the finances for 1 year at least to match the costs of hosting. Including: Dedicated Server, SSL costs, any external management (if necessary), billing costs etc. Its not a simple project I thought I would try for a few months.

    Competitive: I am to deliver competitive hosting packages based on customer need not just fixed packages

    Reliable: Obviously servers come with 99.9 SLA from server provider but around the clock the server will be monitored. I will be here for at least 12 months so none of this hear today gone tomorrow story.

    Flexability: Giving my customers the opportunity to pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

    Here are some of my packages:

    Linux Based
    200MB Web space
    Spam tools
    Automated Scripts Install (i.e. phpBB, phpNuke)

    1.99 MONTH
    5.99 QUARTER
    21.99 YEAR

    Unlimited Accounts
    4500MB (4.5 GB) Web space
    45000MB (45 GB) DATA TRANSFER)
    Unlimited POP3 Accounts
    Unlimited Subdomains
    Unlimited MySQL
    Auto Install Tools (phpBB, phpNuke etc)

    17.99 MONTH
    49.99 QUARTER
    209.99 YEAR

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    you make try to offer free products for your clients. Good support and best server are a must, but you must also stand out from the crowd.

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