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    need someone to sort mysql

    I have a coppermine photo gallery which i trasnferred to another server and the only files i have from the database

    cpg11d_albums.frm cpg11d_comments.frm cpg11d_usergroups.frm
    cpg11d_albums.MYD cpg11d_comments.MYD cpg11d_usergroups.MYD
    cpg11d_albums.MYI cpg11d_comments.MYI cpg11d_usergroups.MYI
    cpg11d_banned.frm cpg11d_config.frm cpg11d_users.frm
    cpg11d_banned.MYD cpg11d_config.MYD cpg11d_users.MYD
    cpg11d_banned.MYI cpg11d_config.MYI cpg11d_users.MYI
    cpg11d_categories.frm cpg11d_pictures.frm cpg11d_votes.frm
    cpg11d_categories.MYD cpg11d_pictures.MYD cpg11d_votes.MYD
    cpg11d_categories.MYI cpg11d_pictures.MYI cpg11d_votes.MYI

    I need these sorting and put back to where they should be, I did try doing it but i get error they are all read only...

    I need someone tyo help me sort them out, I have super fast uk hosting so if you need some hosting i can sort that or if a small payment would be ok i can do that...

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    I could fix this for 5 if you have shell access to the server


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    We can complete this for you for $35 per hour. Please contact us via the contact methods below for more information.

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    $65 an hour, but qaulity work. Please contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] ([email protected] being my MSN address).

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    $30/hr to do this for details please contact me via PM or email bob @ webmail dot au dot com

    Estimate only - between 1 and 2 hours.
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