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    Transferring ranking from old Geocities page

    Here's the story; I started out with a small page on Geocities, and it got listed on google and other search engines.

    When it grew more popular I decided to get a domain name and paid hosting; it became and I used an html forward to redirect traffic to the new site.

    That too grew until I decided to expand to cover all feline species. came into being and I added a server-site redirect to redirect traffic from to I'm been working on getting links to, but so far that site is not indexed on google.

    My problem is this; my old geocities site is the one listed on google. The new site doesn't show up at all, and hasn't for a couple of months now. I'm afraid to take down the Geocities site completely, because it would make me lose traffic and result in dead links for those who linked to it. But I so want to get rid of it, and start seeing my nice new ad-free site show up on search engines.

    Any advice? I'm a novice webmaster and don't know how to handle this.

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    The key to getting your new site listed quickly (and getting a good ranking) is to build incoming links. To do this, you should propose reciprocal arrangements with similar sites to yours, and submit to directories.

    Once you have other sites linking to you, Google (and other search engines) will be able to find your page a lot more easily.
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    Thanks for the advice I am working on the incoming links for the new site; my main concern right now is what to do with the old one, and if there is a way to retain the traffic from it.

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