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    Mixed report on

    About a year ago I ordered a dedicated server from because they were really cheap. I was paying $50/mo (3-month block) for a 1.7ghz celeron, 256mb RAM, & 40gb hard drive, including a PLESK interface with up to 10 domains.

    There was trouble from the start when they sent me the details to someone else's server. Took a few days to ge that cleared up.

    Later I needed a more powerful server and they could/would not upgrade the one I had. Instead I would have to make an order for another server and transfer the content myself. Ugh. So I ordered a 2.4Ghz, 512mb RAM machine with PLESK and while doing that I found out the company was actually now (not iPowerweb). Mkay... no one mentioned that before. Of course the price was a bit more on the iPower website than the iPowerweb website (which was still up and functioning) but it was better than I'd seen elsewhere, at $80/mo (3-month block).

    They delivered a server with the wrong specs at first (less RAM, smaller HD) and said I ordered the wrong thing but still managed to overcharge me. To get it straight took 10 days and numerous hours on the phone on hold and with idiots who kept sending me to different department, etc. Had to speak to supervisor and threaten to pull the business to get anything done.

    Once it was up, the server has been stable and very little downtime with thier hosting - only a couple of times in 6 months, a couple of hours each.

    I've always been able to reach someone on thier online chat application but the quality of "techs" I have spoken with varies greatly, from helpful to completely useless. Thier ticketing system is retarded, forcing you to go through a online help system first.

    Basically, thier prices are good, and thier service seems OK once you get it established but their tech support is crap and they really don't seem to have thier act together. This is a prime example of "you get what you pay for".

    Also they don't offer anything more powerful than a 2.4ghz celeron... so I ended up here at Wehhosting. Looking for a better service now.

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    I was thinking them seriously, but please update when you find some one better [preferabily with PLESK].


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