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    * Adsense Planet

    Hey dudes

    What you think of ?

    We are using a vbstyles skin at the moment, so please just reviews on what we have to offer for our guests and members. Stuff like forum placement, new threads/forums/ categoreys u think we might need etc.

    Im working on changing the title of the site and removing some un neccessary credits that we dont need. We are also working on configuring our advertisments, as i am only new to vb.

    Hope to see you guys there too!

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    Apr 2005
    Looks nice. Nice and simple.

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    Apr 2002
    Nice overall! I'd suggest a new logo that's a little more original, but aside from that, looks great!

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    Thaks for your comments, all of them good i see. I actually sketched that logo myself, and then sent it off to a design firm for creation. Cant get any more original then that my friend.

    Thanks for the commments though

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