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    Question How can you grow any further, without getting sued?


    Im a reseller and I host about 300 clients at the moment, and already I have about 3 phissing issues... one of them is deutchebank, and I had to cooperate with them in order to prove to them we are not connected to this criminals....

    I plan to open VPS Reseller accounts, but the thought of offering my clients (even if they are legit) reseller accounts is frightening... I can already imagine how many Legal cases I will have to face in just a few months time alone... sooner or later, one them might really get to us....

    Im ok with taking risk, but how am I supposed to lower such risk? is there anyway I can ensure a higher level of security in entertaining clients ( and my client's clients)?

    Your experience, will be greatly appreciatted... thanx thanx...


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    Not much you can do about it. expect to work with the authority. you probably won't get much of trouble since it is not you who is doing the phising/spam.

    when you think about it a lot of landlord have no control over what their renters do inside since it's privacy issue. you can keep an eyes out for it and if you do catch it report to aurothrity or kick them out and if FBI come knocking just work with them to kick bad renters out.

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    Firstly, if you're a reseller with 300 clients, maybe it's time to step up to the next level, and have your own dedicated server etc? You'd have to take that leap if you want to offer VPS reseller type accounts to your clients.

    But how that can stop phishing - it can't. All you can do to lower your risk is to be extremely proactive if someone is phishing from your server. Make sure you have an [email protected] email setup, that makes it easy for folks to make complaints about phishing to.

    I'm not sure how your nameservers are setup etc, but make sure the email contact in that domain's whois is functional, so again, people can make complaints about phishing to.

    I've had many phishing incidents from my servers in the past. If you get an email from eBay/PayPal or a Bank, then be very helpful to them. Go out of your way to work with them, and provide them with whatever information they want. They're not going to shut you down, or sue you, if you cooperate with them.

    So it just comes down to being proactive when phishing complaints come through to you. That's about all you can do. You could also scan your server for suspicious usernames etc, that could be phishing. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Phishing sites are usually setup on legitimate hosting accounts that have been compromised. Advise your customers to make sure they are running the latest versions of things that are known to have exploits (older versions of phpBB, phpNuke, etc.) and tell them to make sure they change their password about once a month or, at the very minimum, have a hard to guess password.

    Other than that, cooperate with the authorities every time you get a complaint.

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