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    Another Logo Contest - $35 Prize Payout!

    Ventura Electronics, LLC is a computer consulting and repair company seeking a massive redesign. I am very good friends with the owner, and he knows I can help him great a logo for a good price, as I have gotten some good ones here before.

    The contest will be over Friday, May 13, 2005 at 11:59am, or if someones design completely floors me (which, I doubt will happen).

    Please post your submissions here, as well as contact information in the even that you win.


    PSD or source files must be given to me
    I will retain exclusive rights to the logo
    I can pay via PayPal or credit card

    What I want this to look like:

    Something high-tech is nice, but something that is very simplistic is also good. Since the company deals with businesses and home users alike, the logo must be memerable. I'm a fan of the blues, or red/black schemes, but thats just me. I'd rather see what you come up with your own creativity...its just gotta have Ventura Electronics, LLC on it somewhere.

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    I just thought I 'd throw something together. Here it is:

    You can contact me via any of the mediums below.


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    I will work on something here in a bit to keep it going


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    I might make one

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    Here is a quick concept, will be working on another.

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    Here are 3 concepts I made pretty fast... If its ok I might add some more.



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    Heres another two..

    And yeah i know the hammers a little messed up, but that would be fixed of course.

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    Couple entries from me:

    Concept #1
    Concept #2
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    Any comments on mine? I will be working on some more later

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    Changed it to 'Ventura'. Here are the changed entries:

    Concept #1
    Concept #2



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    Ah darn, i thought it said 11:59 PM.

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    What is the update on this one... AntiSpamHosts contacted me to make a few changes to my original post. Nothing then after?!?!

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    So who won?

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