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    Dual Server Setup Question

    I have 2 dell Poweredge servers with Dual nics in each.

    Server 1
    Intel Xeon 2.8
    1.0 ddr2
    160 sata
    100m eht0
    1000m eth1 direct crossover to Server2 eth1
    Debian Sarge

    Server 2
    Intel Xeon 2.8
    1.5 ddr2
    160 sata
    100m eht0
    1000m eth1 direct crossover to Server1 eth1
    Debian Sarge

    My question is how do I bind all mysql requests to eth1 on both servers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You bind an IP to eth1, and then bind mySQL to the IP.
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    I thought it was that simple also but it's not working for me I need an indepth explanation on how I set this up. Both eth1 cards are recognized but they aren't being used like I want them to be.

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    I'm having an issue getting the 2 to play together. I want one box to server apache I want the other box to server mysql through the crossover link on dual gigabit ethernet cards (eth1) both boxes. All four nics are recognized and pingable. But Mysql requests via apache aren't going over the cards (eth1) like I want them to. Any ideas or directions you could point me to? I don't mind reading the manual just can't find it or I'm using the wrong questions in my search.

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    You need to configure eth1 on both machines to internal IP addresses, or you have to mess around with default gateways and static routing. Once the interfaces are configured for internal IP addresses, just make sure that the MySQL daemon is only bound to the internal address on the DB box, and that the Web box is set to use the internal IP of the DB box anywhere it's called for (inside your PHP scripts, or whatever you're running from Apache)

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    Thanks for the response I did exactly that. In my.cnf I have bound mysql to for explanation purposes. On the webserver my php config files are pointing to the db via

    Now I only allow conections to the db on the db server through which is a direct gigabit link to

    When I try to access the webpage it tells me (eth0 on the apache box) doesn't have access to the mysql server. I think thats telling me communication isn't going over the gigabit direct crossover connection that I've setup. If I give access to everything works fine but the packet counts on both nics attached to the gigabit crossover cables isn't increasing, which leads me to believe all communitcation is still being done over the primary ethernet cards eth0.

    Again thanks for any help.

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    If all your ips are on the same subnet and eth0 is your default route then it's probably going to route over eth0. I'd try using ips that wouldn't be in the same subnet or changing your subnets to something smaller, /30's etc.
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