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    How to get good Rackspace service

    Does anyone find it frustrating when you get the run around from a hosting company when you just need to solve a simple problem? In the past I have had some very tiresome expreriences with Rackspace. During my 8 month stay with Rackspace, I was shuffled between no fewer than 3 different support teams and account managers. Oh, you have more than X servers now .. you're on a new team. Oops, you have 20 Windows server but ordered a Linux server, here is the new contact information for our "mixed OS" team. If you want a firewall, you have to move to another team now .. but they don't support Windows very well. You cancelled 5 of your servers, so now you're on the "no frills" support team.

    I was originally pitched on how great it was to have a dedicated support team and account manager so you could get to know your team and they could get to know you to make for smoother interactions. What is the point of a dedicated team if you get a new "dedicated" team every 2-3 months, and just because you added or lost a stupid piece of hardware? Is my business relationship any less valuable because I don't have a firewall anymore? Please. If you're going to offer top grade support, you need to offer it 24/7/365 to ALL of your customers, just like your web site states.

    The one positive point to my hosting experience with Rackspace was figuring out just what it takes to get some action taken. Really all you need to do is find the right person to call and things happen *very* quickly. It is really unfortunate that it took me so long to figure this out, and it is already too late for me (I'll never go back), but for the rest of you who may be hosted at Rackspace, here is good start to finding the right person: Google for rackspace+employee+directory (first link, view as HTML).

    Best of luck to everyone else .. I'm tired.

    P.S. The second link (RSMenu) on that Google search looks like their mighty "CORE" system that they tout on their web site. I'm glad I don't have to work with it if it really looks like that. Funny thing is, that page appears to be hosted at ThePlanet. Is Rackspace outsourcing their CRM to another provider (and the competition no less)? I'd be worried about customer information leaking to the competition

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    I've heard RackSpace has really gone downhill lately. If you're still looking for another provider, i'd reccomend ServInt. They are better than rackspace in management, imho. I've used both providers and I do enjoy not only ServInt's pricing, but their support, much much better.

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    That Google link is the "Datapoint employee directory". It only mentions Rackspace within the document itself, it doesn't say it's a Rackspace employee list? Nonetheless it does look like it could be a staff list....eventhough Prometic is a biopharmaceutical company....

    And what's wrong with that REMenu? Looks pretty cool to me!

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    Originally posted by JHosts
    I've heard RackSpace has really gone downhill lately.
    Rackspace definately has down downhill. They are no longer worth the price premium they charge. Here's just a sample of what I've experienced in the last year:

    1) Their "30 minute" ticket response guarantee consists of "we have forwarded your ticket to your response team. They will reply ASAP". followed by hours of waiting.

    2) They have forgotten to setup remote monitoring of server ports, leading to hours of downtime because they didn't notice the server had crashed.

    3) They consistantly fail to notify me via email when there is a problem; they just open a ticket which sends an email to the primary BUSINESS contact for a given server, not me. Oh, but I do get every stupid email their sales staff sends out.

    4) One server had a custom daemon installed, which failed to restart after a crash. Rackspace's remote monitoring was setup for the daemon's port. Instead of notifiying me that nothing was listening on that port (i.e, the daemon was down), they just assumed that I wasn't using it anymore and turned off their monitoring of that port. Idiots.

    Now, every client I have at Rackspace pays under $1000 per month, so perhaps Rackspace does not consider them worthy of their "quality" service.

    I no longer recommend Rackspace to my clients.

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