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    Site5 or HostingZoom

    My finger is itching and I have narrowed it down to these two hosting companies Still have not decided who to go with, looking for last minute advice to sway me one way or the other

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    Well I am not sure about any of these companies, but I would like to suggest you that you better check the quality of both the companies before you sign-up with any of these. Also you can find for some reviews around for these two companies. Site5 having a good reputation around but lately sinse the introduction of the superhosting they are having some negative reviews. You can go through all of them and them make up your mind.

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    Thanks Gary, I am doing just that, going over the reviews. I think I may spend a little time in their forums also this week, see how many complain about downtime et cetera

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    I would recommend I've posted a mini review on another thread.

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    Hi Nookphase,

    While you are deciding, you can always email the support departments of the hosts that you are thinking about and get a feel by asking them some questions or concerns that you may have. This may help you make up your mind

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    I'm currently using both HostingZoom and Site5; they both have their strengths and weaknesses.

    Strengths: Servers are fast; very little downtime noticed. Their forums are pretty active, and support is usually quick and knowledgeable.
    Weaknesses: IMO, Staff isn't overly friendly. Some may not call that a weakness, but it's something I like to see in a hosting company.
    Conclusion: I will keep my small reseller account to host friends and family; for what I'm paying I am satisfied overall.

    Strengths: Servers are extremely fast, their NetAdmin4 is so much easier to naviagate than default cPanel skins (purdy to look at too ). My database driven sites load very quickly (BIG plus). Support is very fast and friendly.
    Weakness: My account took 4 days to be provisioned. Keep in mind though that I signed up the day they launched their SuperHosting campaign. I fully expected to wait at least 24 hours. When setup time stretched into that weekend, I still heard nothing and started to get a bit nervous.
    However, I hopped on live support first thing Monday morning, and within the hour not only had my account information but a generous credit for my inconvenience.
    Conclusion: So far I am very content with my account at site5. If the service and support stay at this level I will most definitely stick around.

    Hope this helps; let us know whom you decide to host with!
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    I recommend Site5. My personal hosting experience is limited to them but I have been very happy.
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    Using ResellerZoom [HostingZoom], no compliants so far, but I've only been there about 2 months, so it's really too soon to tell.

    0 downtime so far though.

    "Account Ready" notification came in about 3-4 hours.

    Not impressed with S5 and the hype surrounding it.

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    Very good reviews on both sides from this thread, it sounds like either was I go, I should be pleased. No downtime is definitely a major consideration and from hostingZoom support they said that their shared hosting is very stable, much more so than reseller. I will try to make my mind up in the next fews days and will post back my decision.

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    Urchin 5 looks to be an interesting analizer, I have always had the awstats and webalizer that come in cpanel. HostingZOOM has Urchin 5 included

    @P-nut It seems like you were saying that your databases load quicker with Site5???, I will be using a Mambo driven site for the main site so this would be a plus.

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    I'm in the same boat!

    I've narrowed my search to these two as well. I'm leaning towards HostingZoom at the moment but I've read the above comments and will take them into consideration. A couple of observations:

    HostingZoom always has live chat support, late, early - they've always answered my questions. I'm looking for a reseller account and their package seems more robust especially considering the increase in bandwidth.

    Site5 has nice pricing on both shared and reseller accounts BUT I don't want to pay for a year in advance in order to get them.

    Site5 has gerenated a lot of buzz and seems to get good reviews for the most part.

    HostingZoom offers blind support to resellers' end users, which means I don't have to be in front of my computer 20 hours a day.

    I also wish someone would jump in and make up my mind!

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    Originally posted by Adam12
    I also wish someone would jump in and make up my mind!
    You should make up your mind by thinking about the features that are most important for you. Then check out which of these (or other) companies fit best your most important needs.

    I think there are also a lot of threads about site5 and HostingZoom at WHT that can help to make a more informed decision.

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    I say get a hosting account from both!
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    Go with Site5, you will not regret it.

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    does Site5 have any strange restrictions? I was looking into hostgaotr but thier 200 email per hour limit turned me off.

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    Here is my experience/review of HostingZoom so far.

    I purchased a Shared plan and got my account setup in a little over an hour. Everything was there had all the account info just like that.

    The servers HostingZoom use for their Shared plans are very fast and solid I haven't experienced a second of downtime yet.

    While trying to move my site the support there was IMO best in the industry. I went on live chat at 4am. Got a reply like 30 minutes after. Can't beat that and their like always on, support they give is effective too. The support staff take authority so when you have a problem they just go right at it and basically you just wait in your live chat window for them to fix the problem.

    Various problems I had I went on explained, then the support staff went and fixed the problem for me wheter is was a problem in my php coding or htaccess file or a technical problem. Only thing about certain support staff is they are not overly friendly like I experienced at Site5 but hey their effective which is the important thing.

    Then a few weeks later after I settled down HostingZoom updated their shared plans to 2.5GB space and 65gb data transfer I emailed to get my account updated and now I have 25gb more data transter and 1.5gb more space so was very happy about that, at no extra cost.

    So overall I am very pleased with my choice and I don't think I could've made a better one. But I have to warn you that this is for their Shared Plans/servers, I THINK some of their ResellerZoom servers are more problematic and such with stability.

    Hope I was able to help you in your decisions!
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    Originally posted by The Linguist
    does Site5 have any strange restrictions? I was looking into hostgaotr but thier 200 email per hour limit turned me off.
    That's really not a strange restriction; a lot of hosts have some limit like that, though 200 might be a little bit low. It is just to prevent from spamming and loading down the server.

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    Yes, their resellerzoom plans do not compare

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    It is strange

    Originally posted by ZapX Technologies
    That's really not a strange restriction; a lot of hosts have some limit like that, though 200 might be a little bit low. It is just to prevent from spamming and loading down the server.
    I think it is excessive. If you have a small message board with email notifications. all it takes is 1 person to write 10 messages each on a thread with 10 different usrs to generate 100 email notifications. add a few more users online and you are easily over the 200 limit.

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    Hosting Zoom for sure, i have seen them across many places including Dev Shed forums and more.

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