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    Question ******?

    Ehm, I have a sort of weird situation. I wanted to sign up with a hosting comapny called ****** for their great offers, so I did a little Google search for "****** sucks."

    I got around 18 results, so I clicked on one of them.
    There was a page filled with horrible comments about ******. I clicked another, and found the same thing... Only, it was the same ones. Pretty much every single page with anything bad about ****** was another version of that same page.

    Another thing I noticed was that all of the bad reviews were spelled particularly badly, and seemed like they may have all been by one person.

    So, as you can see, I need a little advice here. How good is ******? I'm planning on using it for a unique community-based website, so I need something that won't go down every 3 seconds or delete half of my database for no reason *cough*likemycurrentone*cough*...

    Thanks for taking your time to read my post. It's great helpful people like you that make these forums worth visiting.


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    Try searching here, guaranteed that you'll get plenty of reviews on them.
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    It is surely possible that some one might be posting some spam reviews about at particular company. This can never be declined but mods are the better judge for that. But it is better if you could have some personal revoiews for any particular hosting company before you decide to go with them.

    I am not sure about ****** as there is not personal experience with Global atleast for me. There may be other members having any experience with ******.

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    That sounds good !

    I f any other people have good exerpience ,please share it with


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    Here is my take on ******, for what it is worth.

    I like to use the analogy of Regular and Premium gasoline. I would consider ****** to be a good web host in terms of providing the storage space and bandwidth that they promise. They will also maintain a relatively good degree of reliability and you will get your support questions answered. Are they premium gasoline? No. Can you find a place that has less people on their servers and get some better performance? Yes.

    It all depends on what you want to do with your web page. If you demand or prefer 99.95% reliability vice 99.9% reliability then choose another. If you demand or prefer answers to your tech questions within 15 minutes as opposed to a couple of hours then choose another.

    If you like the price and features and are willing to sacrifice a little premium quality then ****** could be just fine. It's a value decision that only YOU can make. I would never tell anybody never to use ****** because they get the job done. Maybe not to the satisfaction of others who expected more for $4.95/mo but they get the joob done nevertheless.

    That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!
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    I was with ****** for about 3 weeks last June and had nothing but trouble.
    My pages were slow to load, some times they wouldn't load at all for hours, and mysql was constantly crashing. I found their support staff very slow to respond.

    Thats just my experience. I would never recommend them.

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    I've heard mixed opinions on ******'s uptime too. I was about to host with them until I read some of the policies and a couple of the reasons was that half or more of your files cannot be non-html files and that the maximum file size allowed was 10MB. I may be recalling them wrong, but I'm pretty sure that was the number. I think ****** would be good for a small personal website.

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    Well, I would suggest, why not instead of just searching for ****** reviews, you write down all your requirements and budget, and then use WHT to find most suitable hosting for you. Ma be ****** is most suited for you and possibly there could be another company which fits better..
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