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    server optimization for memory usage needed


    i need a server optimized, it is using too much memory, i need apache, mysql & the php server optimized. the previous company installed some sort of php accellerator that is using memory i think. overall i need the whole system checked over, and disable any unneeded applications, and do what is needed to optimize the server for light http traffic and medium-heavy gaming use.

    Server is running RHEL3

    Please reply here with your company information, estimate on price for the described request above. Link to references or posts on WHT to prove your legitimacy.

    also include contact information.

    Thank you

    Clearhosting Inc

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    Please contact me using methods in my signature. You can see my experience by other posts or by visiting
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    Please contact me to discuss further. Thankyou.

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    I'm not offering my services, but I do hearily endorse Sheps ( for server management. He's managing one of my machines and my customer (and I) are just THRILLED at the work that Sheps has done for us. He will be getting more business in the future from me.
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    Hello, TJ
    If you're still looking for help with this, please, feel free to contact me via any of the methods in my signature.
    Customer feedback can be found on my webpage, which links to quite a few threads here as well as personal feedback
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    I would like to know whether the offer is still there?

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