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    A Few Clients For Sale

    I'm selling a couple clients.

    These clients know that they are being sold, and are more than willing to be moved, under the condition that I go alnog with the move. I will sign them up and transfer the files, they all agreed that this is fine.

    All clients use CPanel.

    Reseller 1 - 5GB/20GB - $19.99/month
    Shared 1 - 1GB/2.5GB - $4.99/month
    Shared 2 - 3GB/5GB - $9.99/month

    All the clients are very satisfied thus far and have no intentions of leaving, although I make no guarantees that they will stay. The only questions I've ever had to answer were things that were problems on my end, so they are also very easy to handle.

    I would like $300 for these clients. That is about 8 and a half months worth of their income, and this is what I feel they are worth.

    Get ahold of me through email ([email protected]), AIM (hVadamf), or I'm on WHT-IRC.

    Thanks, and have a good mother's day.

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    What type of billing software are they on? What forms of payments?
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    what is their usage?

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    Here's my small question, Adam!

    Why as a web hoster, are you selling your clients? Is there something wrong with the clients or etc? I'm not trying to bring a bad reputation to you or something, but seriously, what's the problem with them that makes you want to sell them out?

    This really makes me wonder!
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    Originally posted by AntiSpamHosts
    The reason I am selling these clients over all of my clients is that I need the short term money for a down payment on my new apartment, and I know that these few clients would have no problem moving.
    aodat2, read the whole thread!
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    How long have you had these clients?
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    Lucky you. My downpayment for my apartment is almost 100K Is there any current high bid?
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    Any update?

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    and how are they paying ?

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    Hello... I've IMed you on IRC... I'de like to make you an offer ;-)

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    How did the sale go?

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