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    Interland problems?

    My site has been down for about half an hour. Traceroutes indicate that Interland is totally unreachable from just about everywhere. I've been on hold with support since the site/network went down.

    Anybody have any idea what might be going on?

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    30 minutes is not that bad in the world of bad hosting. Their network might be down, reason for you not being able to reach them. In case of Interland, there could be just about anything - why not call them and ask directly?

    Otherwise, I would wait a couple of hours before becoming really nervous.

    I hope you resolve this soon.

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    I say their servers may be having problems or their datacenter's network may be down? And like Artashes said above, I would just call them directly to get everything resolved.. If their support is that slow, I would just get everything and move to another host....

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    I've been on hold with support since the site/network went down.
    I think he is on the phone to them at the moment?

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    Interland themselves appear to be up. Has your site resolved since?

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    Hi Guys,

    According to the automated voice that comes over their tech support line, they are having "networking problems in the Atlanta data center". Nothing is reachable as of right now (my site included). This is not the last straw for me @ Interland - that happened about two months ago. I am currently readying my site for migration and plan to change the IP to a new host in three days maximum. Inca, I suggest you do the same.

    Also, in case anybody has been thinking of hosting with Interland, IMHO they have gone from okay to terrible in the last few months. I had to get 3rd party monitoring because my shared server went down so much. Then about 2-3 weeks ago their overnight tech support mysteriously *changed*.

    These robotic (but human!) people answer the phones & tell me in stilted little voices that they have to "research the problem for 2 to 5 minutes" when my site's down. Then (I assume) they call over to a sys admin to restart IIS while I'm on hold, or sometimes they just put my request in a queue and tell me it's been escalated. They have NO technical savvy, these overnight people... don't know where they are but they are outsourced from somewhere... they have to be. It was mediocre before this, but now it's terrible.

    Sorry for the rant, I'm just SO tired of their lackluster service.

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    My site is back up - thank goodness. Don't know what that was all about...

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    All servers aren't up yet. I have three servers with them, one just came up two are still down.

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    Mine came up about 9:35 PM EST. That's nearly 3 hours of down time for me. Mail server not up though.

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    My shared server is back up, but it still cannot communicate with the SQL Server so the site has been down now for 3+ hours.

    Last weekend we had a database issue come up (our fault) and Interland failed to provide a recent backup. It took them 4 days (while our site was dead in the water) to restore a 10-day-old database backup. Now the site is down again, and we look like idiots to our customers again

    Any recommendations on a good shared host to replace Interland? We need Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 running MS.NET framework, at least 1 gig of webspace and 200 megabytes of SQL Server space.

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    Hi all,

    Just to update you, I was on the phone w/ tech support and they said it was a major power outage. Hope this is informative... it took me 106 minutes of hold time to get this tidbit.

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    Originally posted by vvixen
    ... it took me 106 minutes of hold time to get this tidbit.
    Ugh. That does not sound promising. My email and ftp are up, but my site just defaults to a bit of text that says the server name. I may bite the bullet and call them a bit later this morning.

    Anybody else still down?

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    Unhappy I am SO dead

    I have been down for over 13 1/2 hours now. There was a blip like it came back for a minute, but my domain only displayed a list of folders and no site.

    I just acquired one of my largest customers last Thursday luring them away from a 'hokey' provider only to instantly become their new 'hokey' provider.

    What happened to all of the 'redundancy' Interland brags about on their website? The big generator able to support the entire data center in the case of a power outage etc.?

    This type of outage has happened more than once with them recently? This should be a once in a lifetime thing.

    Sheesh, I have been with Interland for about 2 1/2 months now..I'm kicking myself for moving now.

    I am bracing for the phone calls that are going to start coming in now that my customers are waking up.

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    Hi NetPotato,

    The hold times are not long now, but you might want to call in anyway to tell them you're having still a problem (especially before the Monday morning office-hours rush!!). My site went down for the Nth time this morning at 5:45 AM and is still down. Problem is, it's just that IIS needs a reboot and NOT the network/power outage issue... yet their overnight tech support is so poor that they can't distinguish between the two problems.

    Just a tip - If you find you have to call tech support after midnight or so, when they put you on hold during the call you'll get crazy piano music that was recorded live. That's sometimes the first tip-off that you're talking to an outsourced idiot. After about 9 AM EST the regular tech support people start answering instead (their hold music is that slow guitar stuff that Interland has used for years).

    Interland will get no more of my $$ after the end of this month. I am migrating as fast as my fingers can type me away from there.

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    >This type of outage has happened more than once with them >recently? This should be a once in a lifetime thing.

    Hi again,

    I don't remember this happening lately... at least in the last year and a half or so. I have a happily foggy memory sometimes (too forgiving I think, but no longer!). I have been with them four years and cannot recall another like this.

    BUT I know my experience with their shared servers is pretty crummy. I have to call in at least 2x a week to restart IIS lately... sometimes more often. The instability is partially due to the # of accounts on this server...

    They changed my server set-up without notice (essentially they loaded 150+ accounts on my server after promising no more than 16 - I *think* that was the limit, if I remember correctly - I'd have to look it up).

    This supposedly exclusive plan was called the TrueUltimate plan - that is still what I'm paying for, but they no longer offer this plan on their sales website. And I no longer get the semi-private stability of only a few accounts sharing my server. Anyone else get shafted this way?

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    Thank goodness, our database server came back up overnight and it looks like all is well again. 11 hours of downtime for us.

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    Is anybody else here still on the servers/setup from Interland's Communitech acquisition of a few years back? Are you still down? I've got one site that was affected little if at all, and another that's still down.

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    Some interesting news! I just spoke with another guy at the daytime tech support, and he said they're soon going to use the outsourcing 24 hrs a day. So far they've only had it on overnight for just under month.

    With this set up, there's always a "middle man" between you and even the lowest tech support level at Interland itself... meaning more difficulties IMHO. The support guy emphasized that I should protest this using the complaint bulletin on Interland's support page, so I will even though I'm not staying on. If you are continuing with them, good luck.

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    I guess I am one of the lucky few that didn't come back online.

    I called in and talked to them again. 15 hours down now and they still don't have any answers for me.

    The ticket has been open since 11:30 PM with no updates or anything.

    That gives me a warm feeling all over about my new relationship with Interland! Yahoo. I have NEVER had it been this long, this bad, with no hope given.

    They should at least say...something!

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    I got a reply from support saying everything was working again and they'd fixed the problem. But my site is still down. This is waaaay too long. I'm moving hosts as soon as I can.

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    Mine said that they have identified it as an internal facilities issue that MAY be having an effect. We are working......etc etc.

    Still down. <sigh>

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    Hang in there, guys. I just came back up about half an hour ago. I think I was down about 13-14 hours total, and it took several hours to even get the automated response to my support ticket. Best of luck to everybody.

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    It looked like everything was working on our server again, but it looks like something has gone wrong again. All scripts that generate and send emails are bombing which is a BIG problem because much of the site depends on that functionality. Yay...

    We're already planning our migration from Interland to another webhost. Our business owner had the last straw when he called Interland last night and found out that their tech support is outsourced. The guy on the phone lied, saying he was in Atlanta, and finally admitted he wasn't when my boss called him out on it. Our sales rep has even blatanty lied by telling him that they don't outsource tech support. NOT acceptable.

    I have a feeling Interland is going to lose a LOT of customers over this... I've spoken to them several times now and gotten no honest assessments of the problem from anyone. It's aways "we're working on it..." Buyer beware!

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    And now, we're totally down again...

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    -FORTUNATELY- I handle all of my clients' email at a different company on different at least I've been able to tell them that their email is fine and that it's strictly the website that is down. That helps a little in the midst of the blaze.

    I just talked to them again..had a decent knowledgable guy who tried some things dug and got me some answers and even did some troubleshooting of his own and was able to narrow it down a bit during a reboot.

    We'll see. Now I have two tickets open. 17 hours 15 minutes Whoa!

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    23 Hours - They won't give me any indication of anything they're working on. No ETA or anything. This is complete non communication bull.

    If I had something to pass on to my customers it would be one thing, but to just be left in the dark for 23 hours...clueless is quite another. The moving trucks are standing by.

    I guess a company's true colors come out in times of disaster. I got to know Interland very good real quick today. Meanwhile anybody know of a good ulcer medication :/

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    I have been with Interland for almost 3 years. Hated almost every minute of it. I was with Innerhost (who had spotty reliability, but good customer service) until the big evil Interland bought them.

    I have only stayed with them because I have an installed component on the Win2k server that no one else wants to touch, short of a dedicated solution.

    I have had major reliability problems with them, sometimes requiring up to 5 tickets a week. When you call in, you will talk to a phone jockey. They can't do ANYTHING except take notes. Shouting and swearing sometimes got me to level 2 tech support. Very rarely I've actually talked to a real server admin.

    I've talked to the upper level CSR people so often that I have their names memorized. Notice I said "names", not name. Their turnover is quite high.

    Here's the kicker. Spammers often brought down my server. They finally got the problem under control...but I can't send out my newsletter to my clients (about 500). So I'm paying $50 a month and can't even send out my newsletter. Jerks.

    My favorite occurs when my site goes down...and they refuse to reboot the server. Even though my site, and others on the same server (I've figured some other sites) are all down. The flat out refuse to reboot...event though previous reboots fixed the problem. They said they didn't want to hurt their uptime. Great. The servers up. But no sites are being served. Tell me how in the world that makes sense.

    The ONLY way I was ever able to get results and action was to literally not accept their BS. Do not stop at the 1st level tech support. Demand to be escalated. Keep demanding to be escalated until you get satisfaction. Become irate. Don't swear at the people, because then they can hang up on you.

    As you can guess I am not happy with Interland. I'm FINALLY migrating to my own colocated server...and now I'll be the one everyone shouts at. Whooo.

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    It's been almost 24 hours of downtime now. When I log into support, there's a 12 hour old message saying they're "currently performing an evaluation on your Web server due to technical difficulties".

    When I try to sign up for the half hourly updates, I get a script error.

    What a joke.

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    It gets better. I got through to support and the only response they could give was to read out (word for word) the 12 hour old generic message from the support site. He had problems with the longer words...

    After I pushed a little, I got them to admit they have no idea when the problem will be resolved.

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    I am now at 38 hours down. No eta...just empty 'I don't knows'. Every time I call I get a different story.

    1) These are ancient servers and they're having to replace the hard drive.

    -- another - These aren't very old and there is no indication its a hardware problem.

    2) I had a "team lead" come on and say, I am having my guys get on it right'll hear something here shortly. That was 12 hours ago.

    3) They aren't telling us an eta. I would suggest you move to a different server.

    and so on!!!

    This is **BEYOND BELIEF**. I have NEVER heard of a hosting company this size treating customers like this. Absolutely Unbelievable! I have a customer who relies on me to host all of his ebay auction images...needless to say...thanks to Interland... his Power Seller auctions have been pictureless for days.

    I have never encountered such a "Screw You" attitude except for a fast food joint.

    I have seen all I need to see from these clowns. I am sure they are very proud and will have much success with their f.o.a.d. way of treating me...and so I am quickly in the process of doing at least the first two letters of their request....and can't wait to spread the word far and wide.

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    NetPotato & MaxMaxMax,

    I am so sorry... I feel your pain! There's not much to do but leave, but I feel (comparatively) lucky. Only about 6-7 hours down for me w/ them (over the last 2 days, that is).

    By Friday I should have the IP changeover done to my new server. This is nothing but a *commiserating* post, so no substance, just empathy. Move out and let Interland know why loud and clear.

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    Yep, 48 hours and still no solution. I switched hosts yesterday and left Interland with a clear indication of why.

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    I've been lurking here a few weeks trying to get an idea of whether Interland was as bad as what I thought. I was pretty much right.

    I too waited in the phone queue for 2 hours on Sunday Night, trying to get servers back up, having to call our CTO, CEO, and one of our largest clients to explain why our site, and 6 dedicated boxes, and about 40 other sites on the Interland DNS servers were down.

    I talked to our Account Manager at Rackspace that night, and after the 5 minutes of laughing of like half the technical staff there, we got 3 new servers configured in about 24 hours. We've been killing off sites left and right for the good part of a year from Interland, moving them depending on level of required support/bandwidth to Rackspace and EV1, and this has just accelerated our move that much more.

    I also find it kinda funny that no news outlet made public, other than these forums, the fact that one of the "Top 3 Hosting providers for April 2005" (at least according to Netcraft) went dark for a considerable amount of time. I wonder if they're going to still flog their uptime as a result of these problems?

    I also found out today that at least all of their eggs weren't in one basket. Apparently, other than the main Atlanta Datacenter, theres one in Miami, that was not affected, which would explain some of the older Communitech/Burley servers were still active. Talking to one of the older support people at Interland, I also found out that the Operations Center's doors locked when the power went out, which I just find funny

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    I am 65 hours down now. Still no update or consolation. The only thing I've heard from them is them closing an open ticket because it was a duplicate. I'm glad they had enough time for some house cleaning between getting all of their "Valued Customers" back online of course.

    Sheesh I could have built a whole data center by now!

    I too had Rackspace do an emergency setup for me. They have been calling *ME* to make sure I'm ok and getting set up ok. That's different. I have four more sites to move over this morning then I'm back in business.

    Interland can take their awesome customer service and redundantly impenetrable DataCenter and... well... theirs will come. Their business principles have been bared for all to see. Nobody can stay in business long treating people like that....theirs will come.

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    Yea, Rackspace has definately came through on this one. I had a call from my account manager late sunday night (sounded like he was at a party) and we had the pricing by midnight sunday, went into a meeting monday morning to decide our plan of migration from Interland, and had the servers ordered before noon, and setup before 1am tuesday morning.

    I call that reponsive, and btw, they were running a promotion this month and last, if you sent them the bill from your dedicated server at Interland, they would waive the $400 setup fee for the servers.

    I've went from 6 servers at Interland, to 11 at Rackspace, 3 at EV1, and 3 at Interland in about a year or so.

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    The irony...

    I have no account with Interland anymore, having dumped them 6 days ago after 48+ hours of downtime and unresponsiveness.

    Today they sent me an email asking for referrals, because "Interland customers know first-hand the efficiency and reliability of our dedicated hosting services."

    Later they thanked me for my continued business. Erm...right.

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    And Finally -

    Who in their right minds is going to stick around and wait for a non-responsive hosting company to recover a server days later. Not ME! BUT...since I 'CHOSE to leave' Interland...they will not refund the amount they charged me for May...only credit it to my closed account! HA! So the ONLY way to use my credit is to stick around and let Interland completely destroy any business image I have left.

    That was the last straw. Goodbye Interland - Good riddance - Farewell

    - And now I will do everything in my power to broadcast and influence my circle of business acquantances in message forums, hosting review sites, and beyond to make sure that refunding my money would have been your much simpler and definitely less costly solution.

    Ahh yes..let the impact of bad press begin.

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    I think this was the most depressing thread I've ever read.

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    I had 2 servers at interland and moved for the similar reasons. There was a server on the switch my server was plugged into that would get DOS'd on a weekly basis and we would constantly lose connectivity due to it. It got extremely old and since we have moved to greener pastures we have had nothing but great experiences.

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    Never host with interland

    When going dedicated, NEVER host with Interland. Beware of their sales representatives.

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