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    HOUSTON: Technical Support Staff :: Hiring

    Alpha Red Inc a large and quickly growing hosting solutions provider based in downtown Houston Texas is seeking qualified applicants for datacenter based technical support operations.

    Primary responsibilities will focus on server administration and
    break-fix. You must have in-depth knowledge of the Linux operating system
    and DNS to be considered for this position. You must also prove your ability
    to administer MySQL and Apache well beyond simple installation and
    configuration. This may include tuning either application for
    high-performance web serving and database-queries.

    Day-to-Day Operations:

    As a Linux Systems Administrator with Alpha Red Inc, your primary
    day-to-day responsibilities will be split between the installation and
    configuration of new customer software and applications, and the support of
    existing customer opensource applications and servers. Our customers, via a
    ticket based on an established support ticket system, will dictate 90% of
    your work.

    Ideal Candidate:

    The ideal candidate for this position will have the administrative and
    programming knowledge to quickly grasp customer problems, troubleshoot, and
    resolve them in a manner adhering to a company standard. In this fast paced
    environment, you may be working two or more customer problems at any one

    The ideal candidate will have worked directly with hosting customers in the
    past on highly technical problems, and is able to communicate well with
    customers, both written (e-mail / chat) and verbally (phone). The winning
    candidate will have a strong understanding of how to support moderately to
    advanced hosting customers across different operating systems.

    You must be able to, at a minimum, Download, Compile, Install, Customize,
    Troubleshoot, use, and SUPPORT the following applications:

    1. MySQL
    2. Apache
    3. Bind
    4. ProFTPd
    5. SSHd
    6. PostgreSQL
    7. Squid
    8. Sendmail
    9. Qmail
    10. Webmin
    11. Postfix
    12. CVS
    13. Samba
    14: rsync

    You must also have proven General System administrator abilities including:

    Simple Script Writing
    Scheduling Cron Jobs
    Creating secure NFS shares
    Adding and removing users
    Add / remove applications to startup procedures
    Configure (add and remove) Network Devices, Ports, and Protocols

    Must be willing to be on-call.
    Must be willing to work with customers who own and operate adult oriented
    ** Must be at least 18 years of age.
    ** Must live in the Houston, Texas area.
    ** Must be able to work unsupervised.
    ** Must have good time management skills.
    ** Must be available to work the times and days specified.
    ** Must be able to work on call if needed.
    ** Must be willing to have work schedule altered as needed.
    ** Must agree to civil and criminal background investigation, which we may or may not proceed with.

    Full Time: Starting at $10/hour

    Please send applications to [email protected].
    No Phone calls or other forms of contact are being accepted for these positions.
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    is this a direct hire/contract with any type of medical insurance, vision, dental? bonuses?

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    Medical is included

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    People that need a work visa (non-US citizen) may apply?



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