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    Alternative to DRAC?

    I've been playing around with IPMI lately and its working just great, but it just doesn't provide the remote console functionality that I'd like to see (since it's text-only and doesn't save a screenshot just before a crash).

    DRAC seems interesting, but with my previous Dell experiences.. I don't even want to think about using Dell boxes. Supermicro has been excellent.

    Does anyone know whether a DRAC card will work properly in a non-DELL box? I'm assuming it won't. If so, does anyone know of a proper alternative that will work in a non-dell machine?

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    I've yet to use any of their products, but Cyclades ( has some interesting out of band management products. We've recently started using IBM xSeries blade servers which have an awesome java console accessible from the bladecenter management webpage.
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