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    [For Hire] Search Engine Optimization - Inexpensive

    Search Engine Optimization - Special Deals!

    I am offering a limited time offer for search engine optimization for your website for just $9 (USD) per keyword!

    The first 50 keywords to be sold will be sold at $9. My regular price is $20 per keyword. Some search engine optimizers will charge as much as $40 per keyword!

    My services consist of:

    - Web site search engine optimization comparative to your top 10 competitors at a search engine of your choice.
    - Analysis and optimization of document titles, meta keywords, meta descriptions, body text, first sentence of the body text, link popularity, url, h1 headline texts, h2 headline texts, same site link texts, outbound link texts, inbound links, same site link urls, outbound link urls, img alt attributes, html comment tags.
    - A report including advice on how you can improve your website to be better indexed with search engines, and other advice.
    - Search Engine resubmission
    - A list of sites of which you should pursue getting linked from, in order to improve your link popularity and search engine ranking.
    - Keyword generation under which words will acheive maximum impact when advertising with Google AdWords.

    BONUS: I will include a ranking report for usage up to one year after your optimization is complete.

    I will complete optimization in the order received. All optimation orders will be completed within 30 days. Payment will be required just before I exchange my optimization. This is to protect both parties.

    Do you guarantee rankings? No. It is impossible to guarantee rankings. No company can guarantee search engine listings. If a company makes such promises, take a closer look at the guarantee. The catch is often that companies that offer this select the search terms. You'll be listed for obscure search terms that nobody searches for. If you have a unique company name or a unique product name, it's relatively easy to get high search engine rankings for that term.

    You can contact me at codywatson[[AT]]shaw{[DOT]}ca for more information, or to order. Please mention this post, so that I can give you the discount.

    All the best,

    Cody Watson
    Cody Watson
    Business Student @ SFU [Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Management & Technology, Co-op Certificate, Honours]

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    I'm interested. Will email you.

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