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    mySQL vs plain text

    For my site, I'm using a PHP script to generate all the pages, where there's a basic template and it includes the content.
    Which would be the best way to get the content:
    1. retrieve it from a mySQL database,
    2. store it in a plain (non-executable) text file and use a php require,
    3. store it in a PHP script and use php require, or
    4. some other option that I didn't think of?


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    I'm definitely not a programmer/developer of any kind (I'm a hardware systems guy), but the webmasters that I deal with tend to pull info from databases, be it mySQL or postgreSQL.
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    if your info ever gets update, why not go with database? if static page, then stick with html direct

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    If it's just content and your not trying to make a CMS, you could use one of the file based dbs

    Unfortunately i can't post links yet but go to /manual/en/ref.dba.php in the php manual for more info.

    The advantages are speed, simplicty and portability.

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