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    Hard Drive Help

    I have an external usb 2.0 seagate 160gb 7200 hard drive. Problem is when I want to transfer big files, my computer and the hard drive freeze up. After that the hard drive shows this red light that won't go away. When this red light is on, my computer can't detect the hard drive. It is usually suppose to show a green light. After I turn it off for many hours, it can be detected again and the green light shows.

    I did find one solution, but I don't want to go with this solution because I don't have my laptop all the time. In the past I had my Windows XP SP2 pc hooked up to my Windows XP SP1 laptop with an ethernet cable, so that my pc could connect to the internet. What I did was went to the Control Panel, Computer Management, Device Manager, right clicked on my network adapter called Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller, click on Properties, went to Advanced tab, clicked on Speed & Duplex, under the Value menu I selected 100mb full. After I did that, my internet connection on my laptop went off, but my hard drive worked great. I could transfer all my pc files to my hard drive without any problems.

    Now my pc is hooked up to a linksys router. When I do the network adapter settings that I did when my pc was hooked up to the laptop, my hard drive still freezes. I am unsure of what to do.

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    Did you try scanning for bad sectors?
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