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    Thumbs up pxtek

    Hi Everyone-

    Though I just registered today I have been reading the forums for several months (so hopefully no 'one post wonder' responses lol).

    Anyway, based upon other people's reviews and some other sluething I did, I decided to move my personal doman ( to I really just use the website to host family pictures (my wedding pictures are up right now) as well as several email accounts.

    I want you all to know that after 3 months with pxtek I think that they provide the best support on the web. I have had some email and other issues, but Tom immediately responds via AIM and dilligently works until the problem is resolved. Two thumbs up for Tom's support!

    Though I now work in Commercial Real Estate, I used to own an IT consulting company specializing in small businesses. I still support several business to some degree, and due to problems with another host, I am going to begin switching everyone to Tom.

    Sorry for the long, rambling post, but everybody always complains where there's a problem, and I wanted to give some kudos!


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    Nice review. I hope you'll come back and post an update in six months!

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    Thats great to hear Jeremy! I am friends with Tom and I would agree that he is a very nice and helpful person too. Good luck with everything!
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    Always good to have positive reviews. Be sure to come back down the road and update us.
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    I definitely will post an update in another few months. I've never experienced support like I get from Tom and the rest of the pxtek staff, and it's the least I can do to inform others of my good experiences with them!

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    Just wanted to give everybody a pxtek update. I have been with them for several months now, and must continue to give them a thumbs up. I have had a couple of problems (one sql issue, one dns issue, and an email/aol issue) and Phoenix Teknologies got them all solved for me. In fact, besides my personal site (, I have also moved several other sites to pxtek including and If the great uptime and service continue, I will be moving the rest of my clients' sites to pxtek. :-)


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    Yep, I've had a great time with The support is top notch!

    I'd highly reccomend them,

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