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    Link directory Script

    I am looking for a link/site directory script that allows

    -Site submissions and approval.
    -User comments and ratings.
    -Mulitple categories
    -Custom Information/data fields
    -Advanced Search features(be able to search to fields rather than the categories ex: if I had a category fast-food, I could search for pizza and bring up all the Places that serve pizza)
    -A decent admin. side.
    -PHP, and or MySql

    I prefer this to be a free script, would also take in any freelancer looking to develop a portfolio. Thanks.

    Contact though pm, post here, or AIM:xch3st3rx and MSN:[email protected]

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    If there were not many of this type of scripts, I doubt anyone would be willing to write this for you for free in order to add something to their portfolio -waste their time - if you can afford to pay for a website then help them by paying them. Be realistic sometimes! It takes quite few days -not mention week to build what you ask for. People have their own lives you know.

    I've come across such posts- asking to do a 3 or 4-page website or some personal website on geocities, and says it helps you build your portfolio. It sometimes makes me sick.

    you can find it yourself at ..hundreds of them. yah, you can find scripts for free there - people wrote scripts for free but they didn't do it because someone had asked, they did it out of their free time.

    Sorry to post this post, but i felt i just wanted posted at the wrong time

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    I understand where you are coming from, I have in no way studied php directory, although I feel the post wasn't really needed. If you were just finalizing your skills in php and needed a project would this not be a good project? If they developed it, and sold it to others it wouldn't matter much to me. The thing with hotscripts is without paying for the advanced search features, very hard to weed out exactly what I need. I have tried doing it page by page, but with one free one out of every couple of pages and them having not quite everything im looking for.

    Am I demanding anything? no, it is an open suggestion that if anyone by chance wanted something to freelance, they could possibly work on this. Also I am just asking for if anyone suggests any, if there are none, than there isn't any. I understand it is hard work to develop something like this but im not demanding anything. Sorry if it came off like I am looking for someone to do all the work for a site. Right now I have no site, no money, no direct income to pay for something like this, that is why I asked what I asked, the site is an idea.

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