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    Lightbulb Expanding my company

    Hi there guys,

    First off i have only had a quick browse but this seems like a really good forum.... just added to my bookmarks!


    I started a small business around 2 years ago. To begin with we dealt with custom pc's, selling on our homepage. Things went really well and we moved in to local business solutions, providing networks and support. Again things so far have been really great, have built up a nice client base and pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction. We now also provide bespoke software solutions.

    What im looking for now is to be able to provide the whole package for out clients. Hardware, bespoke software, Mail server, web server, adsl connection, support etc....

    I have already been in contact with a number of large adsl companies with regard to setting up reseller accounts for adsl. They offer hosting solutions for mail and websites etc on their own servers.

    Anyway, the main point of this post is i am trying to find out what is involved in having our own servers for hosting mail and websites. We will obviously build these ourselves, but am looking for some guidance on the connection side of things..... Standard adsl connections are limited to 256k upload speed which obviously wonít be enough if we are going to provide a decent quality of service.

    To be honest iím looking to get in contact with some people who have done this before who I can fire questions at.

    Thanks very much.


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    Well first off parkypoo22 welcome to the WHT forum, you've come to the right place to be asking this question. What you are basically looking at is colocation services then. Build your own 1u/2u rack server and send it to the datacenter to have it hosted there. Typically you can do this for an affordable rate however it also depends on how much bandwidth you expect to be needing ~1MBps (200-324GB on 95th) ~2MBps etc and so forth.

    Wish you the best of luck in your venture with this expansion. I would also strongly recommend if you are building your own server that you shop around quite a bit on parts as some places will have them at decent prices and others will simply try to rip you off on overcharging for shipping and such.

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    Hi Matt, feel free to PM

    You can't use your ADSL connexion to host any server. These connexions are too slow for a server requirements.

    You can build your server and send it to a good Data Center where they can plug it on a fast reliable network. Depending on the Data Center expect to pay from $49 a month for 10 Mbps monthly traffic.
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    Originally posted by edelweisshosting
    Depending on the Data Center expect to pay from $49 a month for 10 Mbps monthly traffic.
    Reliable, non-oversold 10Mbps connections usually start at $130-150/month. You can get reliable servers with 1000GB of monthly transfer for as low as $60/month, though (Through That's an unmanaged server, without a control panel, though.

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    Joshua, yes this the price in the US.

    But in Europe, things are cheaper. A non over sold 10 Mbps colocate costs no more than $50 a month with $100 setup fees. PM if you want an address.
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    Thanks for the quick reply Justin!

    Been hunting around on the web for a good month or so before I found this site! Iím assuming you made the big leap yourself?

    I should mention that we are based in the north of England, UK. Datacentre's seem to be quite a US thing from my brief investigations. I know they exist in the south of England, namely around London, but up North we seem to be left to "fend for ourselves"!

    We have premises at the moment, and are expanding to a building over the road later in the year. Iím fully aware of the huge costs involved in providing a reliable, and quick service - hence why I have started research early on. I intend to store the servers on site, with ups power backup, backup servers etc...

    Luckily we have very good relationships with a couple of large UK suppliers, so sourcing components is no problem.

    To begin with I wish to migrate a few of our smaller client sites from our current hosting company, and "dip toes in the water" so to speak. Eventually move everyone over, stay small for a good while and perfect our service... to break even would be beneficial, however not essential.

    Is there a common server set up that a large majority of you guys use? Looking at a 2u setup to begin with, probably one on a Unix/Linux based operating system, and one on Windows to cover both areas - I know some of our clients specifically ask for Linux and visa versa. Iím assuming its good practise to keep mail and web on different servers completely?

    Thanks for all your advice.


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    Too so long to write my reply a few more of you got back!

    Fantastic, a webcommunity that actualy works!

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    "But in Europe, things are cheaper. A non over sold 10 Mbps colocate costs no more than $50 a month with $100 setup fees"

    Thats really amazing, i am then left completely in the dark. $5 per mbit for non oversold bandwith in Europe, where can i get that? i will park my customer there, they currently use about 340 mbit 95% so i am sure they can give me some price break on that $5 per mbit non oversold bandwith against commits of 10 mbit right?

    I am being sarcastic, since i am 100% sure that 1 mbit non oversold INTERNET TRANSIT bandwith for 5$ is not possible anywhere.

    To address the TS:

    I advise you to get in depth with Linux management as well, before you colocate that server for production use. Also your windows machine should be made very secure, i would advise a small firewall before both and someone with a clue to secure it all.

    You really need to know what you are doing in regards of server management. A wide open box could get you in many troubles, legal as well as billing problems, since you are the one paying for bandwith gerated by the warez installed on your box by hackers.

    There are many london based UK colocation providers, if you want it cheaper and still quite close to home, Amsterdam is the place to look at.
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