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    i am about to start a little webhosting project and i also found a hoster already, but i'm not sure which operating system i should choose. I can switch between:

    Debian Woody
    Debian Sarge
    Fedora Core 2
    Fedora Core 3
    Redhat 9.0

    I'm just a little familiar with another distibution of Debian Sarge and Slackware, but only in private use and not very intensive. Which one would you prefer and why? Thanx a lot in advance: RoMe.

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    Redhat 9 is somewhat outdated and if it matters to you no longer supported by the company, though community support exists.

    I personally don't recommend Fedora for production machines due to its basic nature as a beta/developement platform for RHE though lots use it successfully.

    Debian is very stable. Woody, while it is a couple of versions behind many common packages is exceptionally stable and easily updated. Sarge is also fairly stable. Of your list either of these would be my choice. Slackware would be my overall choice since you are already familiar with it.

    Others mileage may vary.
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