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    So the story begins with us buying a VDS from this FDC dedicated server reseller. We used the VDS for one month then purchased a Pentium 4 dedicated server from them. Payed up for the VDS asked for it to be cancelled and payed for the server for that month. Everything is fine. We decide to put a 3 month advance payment on the server. No problems what so ever. 2 months go buy and suddenly our box goes down. Send in a support ticket and get told that we had an outstanding payment. We try to log in to our billing account for their account to look at the invoices, account disabled. We check our e-mail and see 1 invoice that owed a certain amount of money on a due date 3 days away. We sent them an reply to the ticket saying the box isn't due yet. 1 day later we get a reply saying the invoice was a bug in their system and it was due 4 days before the server was pulled. Now this is the first big problem with their company, they have a problem on there end that says one thing but was meant to say another and continue to pull the server. We didn't think much of it as up until this point we were on good grounds with them and knew this was a problem with their billing system that would get resolved. We replied to the e-mail asking how to resolve this problem. Another half a day later we get a reply saying the box was parted and resold already. Second problem, why do you resell a server when you are still talking to the client who insists there is a big problem with your billing system? We then replied to them with all the invoices we recieved and the payments we made pointing out the problems and inconsistancies. They replied basicly saying that we owed them money and we had to pay them, completely ignoring the inconsistancies. The entire time these e-mails are going on we are trying to contact the owners of the company (Ben and Scott,) our calls being blocked. Finally we get an e-mail from the owner Ben he said basicly they wanted the money. We replied to the e-mail asking for our account on the billing site to be re-enabled and for all the invoices so we could compare ours with theirs. We then did about 5 checks between the 3 things (Our payments, their invoices and the billing site.) Then we sent them an e-mail showing them exactly where they messed up. They replied "This is no longer an open discussion." So now we are here out a server for a couple of weeks. I suggest (unless you want nothing but missing money) not to purchase any servers from this company. They go about their business completely unprofessionally and their e-mail servers aren't even RFC compliant so spam filters block most of their e-mail unless you white list their server. After all this we plan on going with a Layered Tech server, been hearing nothing but good reviews from them.

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    layered tech is awesome ...

    best of luck with them!!


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