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    Arrow From Best to worst - and back again!!

    Just thought I ought to share my experience with a couple of hosting companies.

    I first got a dedicated server a few months ago from **********, it was great, but I went and shopped around, found something else and moved on (stupidly!).

    I found what I thought was (and was advertised as) a dedicated 100mbit unlimited transfer server. Man, was I wrong. I suppose it'll be there in the small print in the middle of the contract, but to have it blatantly advertised on your site as 100mbit dedicated unlimited - when actually, the 100mbit line is SHARED. Now maybe it's slightly my fault for expecting so much - but I was looking around, and they advertised it. Everytime I've emailed to try to resolve the issue (i suggested limiting my bandwidth to an agreeable amount and making the 100mbit dedicated, or a refund of funds to date) they have written back asking the same question, or repeating the same statement. When I wrote back telling them how angry Iwas about it, all I get back is an email this morning saying 'Your account has been cancelled'. That's it - no mention of when, or whether I'm getting a refund - do I need to backup my server right NOW or what? It's ridiculous.
    So FusedNetworks - Please, for the last time, email me the details!

    But finishing on a lighter note - I went back to **********, I got a 25Mbit dedicated unlimited server from them/DecentRack - and it is Amazing! It's super fast, free win2k OS, great and friendly support - I wish I'd never left in the first place!!

    So there ya 2 pence (5 cents) ;p

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    Call up your credit card company and tell them you did not get the service(s) described on their site that you paid for and you want to do a chargeback. This is what I had to do with Canaca because they tried the same thing with me.

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